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12 Surefire Ways To Drive Traffic To Any Website Using Content

Getting quality traffic to any website is almost certainly an Internet based home business owner’s dream (or nightmare for lack of). With good targeted traffic, you can pretty much do what you want with them – test and track your conversion, your clickthroughs, list building, to name a few.

But you need content in order to satisfy both your website visitors AND the search engines. How does content actually bring you website traffic?

There are numerous traffic sources, such as search engine traffic, but it is unwise to rely solely on search engines for your traffic, or for that matter, from any one source. By diversifying your tactics you are creating a well-rounded game plan to drive traffic to your site.

Here is the list of 12 surefire ways to get traffic to your Internet based home business website using contents.

1. Use Keyword-Rich Articles

By researching the popular keywords for your topic or product, you can create information that places these words into the context of an article for your website. Websites NEED pages. The more, the better.

Websites with pages of real content will become a feeding ground for the search engines.

2. Newsletters

With close to 80% of sales taking place after the first contact it is imperative that every website have a newsletter when possible. The percentage of sales goes up with each contact – the highest percentage being made after 5 to 7 contacts.

But to have a newsletter you must have content! So start putting some ideas together and write those newsletters. Wait for the follow up of traffic as they open their email and come back to your site.

3. Free Reports

Free reports are a great way to attract subscribers to your newsletter. Better yet, create viral reports. These reports can also be given away by other people (on related websites) with a link to YOUR website inside. You provide them something to give to their customers for free and you get the traffic that follows!

4. Submission to Article Directories

By writing short articles on the topic related to your website, you can offer these articles for other website owners or newsletter publishers to use by submitting them to an article directory.

5. Submission to Relevant Websites

Another beneficial use for articles is to offer them directly to sites you would like to share an audience with. This is not only a great way to gain credibility for your topic, but will provide useful hyperlinks all over the internet.

6. Forums

Search for a forum that discusses something related to your website. In most cases you can either post a link to your website in your signature or share information that arouses questions about your website from other posters. Some forums permit you to post your articles.

7. Linking Pages

Rather than having a bland list of ‘linking partners’ you could be using your links to gain more credibility AND provide more content for the search engines.

Create a separate page for each link category and write 200-400 words of content on that subject. Offering your recommended links at the end will make you a source for information rather than just a catalogue of links.

8. Press Release

Press releases should become an important part of your marketing. What do you need to create a press release? Content. By creating a press release to announce your Internet home business, a new product, results of a poll or related news event, you can get free advertising in the media.

9. Article Announcement Lists

Article announcement lists are similar to article directories in that your article will be placed before an audience of webmasters and publishers who may choose to use your article on their website or in their newsletter.

10. Affiliate Programs

Help your affiliates drive traffic to your site by giving them letters or reports to post on their sites or in their newsletters. Your affiliates are also in need of content to provide their customers and if you are providing that content for free they will have more success in sending their subscribers or visitors in your direction.

11. Your Blog

Creating a blog that is related to your business or niche will allow you to attract an audience that may not respond to a sales page. Providing content and news about your topic with hyperlinks to your various articles or sales pages is an indirect way to send traffic to your site.

12. Other Peoples’ Blogs

Your content can be just as valuable to other bloggers who may have a difficult time finding content to share with their readers. Allow others to syndicate your contents through RSS feeds, with a backlink to your site.

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