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15 Steps To Paper Management

The hint to good Paper Management is Organization.

Keeping track of paper,information,documents and keeping your files up to date is an enormous project.

You don’t have to have expensive items to store them in; start off simple and you can add to your organizing techniques as you want to.

Try some of these ideas to do things the easy way.

1. Alphabetize items whether you are using the
letter or name system.

2. Date materials -when the item was purchased-
where-attach receipt.

3. Put on the front of the files any passwords,
I.D. numbers etc.Use different colors – one
for the information packet one for statements

4. Create a place for everything – filing
cabinet, box, filing box etc.

5. Put everything in its place -file papers
at the end of every week so they don’t
get lost.

6. Sort items of importance – keep on track of
things to do today, tomorrow etc.

7. Use a file folder, manila envelope or drawer
to keep papers in until filing.

8. Create a filing system that YOU will

9. Use a folder or paper organizer to store
folders on your desk.

10. Use file tabs on your hanging folders to
locate folders faster.

11. Keep loose notes in a notebook – tape them
in if necessary so nothing is lost.

12. File away last years records in storage –
have one place for these papers.

13. Keep only the current year in your work

14. Write on the outside of the file the month,
date and amount of payment

15. Some people like to have hanging file
folders that are different colors to keep
track of sub-category’s.Hint: Insurance-blue
sub-category: House -yellow-vehicle-red life-

This will save you an enormous amount of time at tax time and you will be so organized.

Next year, make new files, transfer the old ones to a box for storage and you have your new file system in place.

Jan Hayner is a Professional Organizer,get your free pamphlet “50 Things To Do In Less Than 10 Minutes Each” at this website: