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3 More Steps For Your Online Business Advertising

Part two of what it takes to advertise an internet business successfully includes a short discussion of blogging, article writing, and linking, which are free, cheap, and highly effective ways of advertising your online business.

Blogging is a technique that is becoming an extremely effective and almost necessary method of advertising your online business. By signing up for a free account on a blog server, you can post your comments, thoughts, diary, journal, or anything you want with your links at the end pointing back to your site. You can submit your blog to blog directories, comment on other people’s blogs leaving your link at the end, and the search engines will visit a site whose blog is updated regularly! This takes very little time and no money!

Similar to this method is writing articles, again, another advertising technique that is almost a must these days since search engines are looking for quality content on websites. Keyword rich articles will be spidered by the search engines, increasing your page rank and number of visitors. Article writing can be completely free and your own creation, or you can pay to have a service like Just Articles write one for you for $12 for example. You can then submit your article to article directories for free if you do it manually, or use an article submitter software such as Article Marketer, which allows you to distribute articles to a smaller audience for free, or a wider audience for $39.95/quarter. The cost is higher the wider the distribution and the longer the service. Still, it is a very cheap and highly effective way of advertising these days, and only takes about 30 minutes or so to write an article and submit them.

Finally, you want to start a linking campaign, which means you put your links on other people’s websites and they possibly put theirs on your site. This is called a reciprocal link exchange, which can increase your page rank if you have links on the net pointing back to your site, or have links on your site from sites that have a higher page rank. It is best to have one-way links that point back to your site and make sure that the links on your site relate to your site’s content. It can be free to submit your URL to millions of link directories, or you can pay for software, such as Link Directory Submitter ($90), which will automate the process and save you time, whilst providing you with quality one-way and reciprocal links to boost your page rank!

You can overcome the advertising challenge by using the techniques outlined in Part I and Part II of what it takes to advertise your internet business. Tell your friends and family, advertise offline, use ezine solo ads and Google Adwords, write blogs and articles, and submit links. Remember that consistency is key. Take massive action to achieve the results you are striving for and never give up!

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