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3 SEO Copywriting Tactics That Feed Search Engines

SEO copywriting services are in higher demand than ever among Internet marketers. More people are learning the financial rewards of being listed on the first page of Google, so getting to the top these days requires something of a team effort.

Rising higher on Google largely depends on having an aggressive keyword strategy. Well chosen and used frequently enough, keywords serve as currency that can actually reduce your advertising costs online. This is why more small businesses and entrepreneurs find it profitable to hire SEO copywriting services, to give them the key-worded content necessary to gain a competitive edge.

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, a powerful online marketing technique. It involves writing the key words and phrases your potential customers use the most on search engines to find/buy what you (and your competition) sell.

The higher on the search results pages you rank for those keywords, the more likely it will be you who gets the lion’s share of the click-throughs. This is what skilled SEO copywriting services do, help get your site shown higher and higher on the search results pages… because we all know that it’s rare to search beyond page 1 or 2 on Google for anything you’re looking for online.

Once they’re on your website or blog, it is again the job of a capable copywriter to present what you’re selling in the best possible light.

So, to fully engage in the game, you need a mix of SEO tactics working on your behalf. What follows is an overview of the most popular marketing tactics that SEO copywriting services can use to help increase your revenue online:


Every page on your website should be considered a “sales person,” and your best representatives aren’t doing the job effectively if they don’t a) bring in great numbers of new potential customers and b) say what’s necessary to close more deals once those prospects arrive. Your Home page, About page, Product descriptions, Service descriptions – you name it, all of your web pages require skilled attention to be optimized for search engines. Good SEO copywriters can make your pages more dynamic, make them deliver more targeted traffic and convert a higher percentage of them to sales.


In addition to having the static web pages mentioned above, many Internet marketers find it beneficial to also publish a blog. A good practice is to update your blog at least two or three times a week, a schedule that most people find difficult to keep. Here’s where a professional writer can, again, prove beneficial. Consider aligning with content writers to create your SEO blog articles, tutorials, and other material that will support your sales goals. This way, you demonstrate your expertise to readers, but also keep more of your valuable time free for other priorities.


This hard-hitting SEO tactic rests on the concept that “Content is King.” Content marketing is understanding what your target customers want to know and delivering it to them in a compelling way. Some marketers are putting mini tutorial libraries on their sites. This provides numerous additional opportunities to fill a website with keywords, to attract even more customers. Others publish free how-to reports to help readers learn and grow. It all gives more targets more reasons to trust, recall, and do business with you, not your competitors.

In today’s tough environment, it’s increasingly important to find someone adept at writing for the web to create your marketing material and content. Not only can a professional writer help take you to the top on search engines, they have the word skills to convince people to take the action you need.

The bottom line is that search engines need TEXT to find your blog or website, and it wants your text structured and prioritized a certain way. If Google can’t much text on or linked to your site, neither will a sufficient number of people who want to buy what you sell.

So, tap an affordable SEO copywriting service and start feeding the search engine monsters what they love. In return, they’ll feed you what you love: lots more traffic that’s ready to Buy Now!

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