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3 Sure-Fire Tips for Search Engine Optimization

These sure fire tips will help you get the best out of search engine optimization.

3 Basic Strategies to Consider while Optimizing

Selection of Keyword: From our own experience of using a search engine, we observe that we search for a topic by using the keyword only. Therefore you need to pay special attention to the keyword(s). Optimization of keyword should therefore be your first strategy.

Proper keyword selection means a lot when it comes to attracting attention. Make sure that your keyword selection fulfills the following 2 criteria:

1. It makes clear what to expect from the site.

2. In the event of a search, your page is displayed within the first 10 results of the search.

It is amazing how a single, optimized word can be used to promote your website!

Website and Webpage Optimization: As important as keyword optimization, it is essential that you format and draft your webpage in such a way that a search related to your specialization is displayed at the top. And by natural assumptions, the page which is displayed at the top holds the best information regarding the search.

The best web page optimization comes by using keywords that are at the right places in your site. The search engines do not just scan your title and display the results; they also look for the placement of keywords within the webpage and site. This gives weight to the relevance of their search results. Therefore you need to use keywords and key phrases in the following places within the page:

o Title and Subtitle(s)
o Key word Meta Tag
o Description Meta Tag and,
o Body of your page

“Meta Tags” are tags which can be called the searching parameters of a typical search engine. While the keyword meta tag is largely ignored, still it is better to be on the safe side, lest search engines want to use them again!

Inbound Linking to and from Your Site: Not any inbound links will work they have to be at par or even above the best in business. Inbound linking refers to the process of getting indexed in directories which are in turn accessed by major search engines like Google and Yahoo. One of the easiest ways of getting linked inbound is to write blogs and/or submit articles to sites that accept articles and promote your name and website in turn.

One such directory that is accessed by search bigwigs like Google and Amazon is the Open Directory Project; you can get listed free of cost here but your inclusion in the list might take sometime (weeks and maybe months!). Thus, you have to be one up when it comes to strategically designing your website!

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