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4 Simple Steps To A Successful Product

Many marketers and product developers make a disastrous mistake: They develop and sell products that nobody wants.

This is usually how it goes: The product developer starts programming software or writing a book, just because he is interested in the subject, without looking at the market. Then once the product is ready, he starts promoting it, just to find out he can make no sales.

There must be a better way. Let’s look at how it should be done instead.

You should always create a product that solves a problem. The problem has to be serious enough for people to want to pay for a solution to their problem. Good examples are: People who are overweight are willing to pay for a solution to that problem. People who suspects that their husband or wife is cheating on them are willing to pay to find out. People who can save a lot of time by automating a time-consuming task are willing to pay for the saved time.

So here are the simple steps to creating a successful product:

1. Identify a common problem
There are many problems that need to be solved in this world. The problem has to be a common one, so that enough people need a solution to this problem. And the problem has to be important enough so that people are willing to pay for a solution

2. Provide a solution to the problem
This is the product development phase. You have to solve a product that actually solves the problem that these people are experiencing.

3. Find people experiencing the problem
This simply means that you need targeted advertising. Where to find your target audience will depend on the specific problem. Maybe you will find them on search engines. Make sure that your keywords are very specifically targeted at those who experience the problem you want to solve. Or maybe you can find your target audience in certain communities, such as online forums or self help groups.

4. Prove that your solution works
Once you have found your target audience, they will only be willing to buy your solution once you prove to them that your solution actually works. The proof can be social proof (such as testimonials), or it can consist of examples of the results. If you are selling software that removes red eyes from photos, the proof can consist of before and after pictures.

That is really all there is to it. Follow the simple steps as outlined above and your product is a guaranteed success.

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