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5 Free Internet Marketing Methods You Should Use for Maximum Traffic and Sales

If you want to market your business on the internet for free, there are five techniques you can use that are absolutely free.

Some will require a little bit of knowledge in order to implement them, but once you have them in place, you can continue to drive tons of traffic to your website.

1. Blogs/RSS
By blogging, you can build a relationship with your potential customers by providing information about your business.

You can build a free blog on sites like Blogger – – and submit your RSS feed for your blog to the major blogging sites.

You can also add a subscription box to your site using one of the free services available so that you can build a list.

2. Article Writing
Articles are another way to build your reputation in your chosen area of expertise. It’s also a way to offer potential customers value by providing them with information on your topic.

Article Marketer – – will allow you to distribute your articles to thousands of publishers for free.

You’ll be able to get traffic to your site immediately, as well as create a viral marketing strategy for your business.

3. Search Engine Optimization
Although search engine optimization of your site can be time consuming, it’s worth the effort.

By optimizing your site for the search engines, and then submitting your site, you can drive traffic to your site by choosing the correct keywords to target and then creating content for those keywords.

The best software for helping you optimize your website for the search engines is Web CEO, This free software works on any computer and includes an HTML editor that will tell you if your pages are properly optimized.

4. Press Releases
Press releases are news about your business. In fact, they’re actually better than advertisements because you are providing information about your business.

With press releases, like articles, you can write search engine optimized content to submit to the main press release sites. Not only is this inexpensive, and sometimes free, but your press release could be featured on major news sites.

You can submit press releases to PR Web:

5. Networking/Forums
Networking is a great way to meet other people in your industry. This is especially important if you want to do joint ventures because joint ventures can help you quickly increase your bottom line.

Forums are simliar in that you can meet others in your industry, but you can also go to forums on your topic of interest and meet others that are interested in your products and services.

To find the best forums and networking sites to market on, go to Alexa: Search for “topic” (whatever your topic is), and forum.

The reason you want to use Alexa is that you can quickly get traffic stats and find out which forums and networking sites rank highest.

This will help you with linking because you can add a link to your site in your signature file when you post.

Although there are plenty of ways to market your business on the internet, some are more effective than others. Try these five to help you quickly get more traffic and sales.

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