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5 Great Tips for improving SEO with a Newsletter

Of all the ways in which SEO can be improved, creating a newsletter is one of the most exciting. Not convinced? Think about the opportunities for improving your rank on results pages while promoting your business, getting creative and even re-inventing some of your marketing strategies at the same time!

A newsletter has to be one of the most effective free SEO tools at your disposal, and all good search engine optimisation services will tell you that to have the best chance of getting an edge on your competitors, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you can. Professional SEO services can provide search engine marketing services to help you to get the most out of newsletters, blogs, links and other great SEO tools. Whether you’ve already employed one or not, you’ll probably want to take our advice and produce a newsletter. It’s such a good SEO tool that we’re guessing you’ll want to start straight away. Follow our five great tips to create a newsletter that’s great for optimisation.

1. Target your audience carefully. Think about who you want to appeal to and find the best way to reach them. For most services and products, there’s a pre-existing online community of bloggers, commentators and eager customers. Newsletters offer an excellent means of connecting with this community for your benefit. Spend some time planning who you want to receive your newsletter. Choose your target audience carefully, by deciding who’s most likely to be interested, and to visit or even link to your site.

2. Use keywords effectively. Keywords are what will bring highly desired attention from search engines to your site. In the same way as you’d optimise your pages for SEO using keywords, a newsletter needs to feature them well. Do a search of newsletter that are already in the public domain to see how other publishers have used keywords to attract attention to their material, and adapt your own methods accordingly. Get advice on technical issues from search engine marketing services to be sure you’re making the most of the potential to benefit.

3. Make it appealing. One of the most exciting aspects of producing a newsletter is the opportunity to create something that is useful, but also dynamic and attractive. Use the opportunity a newsletter gives you to promote your business in a sophisticated way. Design the newsletter with your product and image in mind. It could be that you want to maintain a particular theme or style. Equally you might want to use the opportunity to bring about some changes. You should consider every aspect of your newsletter carefully. It’s promotion, information and advertising in one.

4. Make it professional. Use the opportunity a newsletter provides to market your website in the most professional way you can. This means not getting carried away with gimmicks that might bring a high volume of traffic to your site but which might not result in an overall improvement to your business returns. If you’re thinking about featuring some exciting new products or offers, be sure that they’re backed up on your site. A newsletter should not in any way look like a spamming method. Newsletters are distinct from spam in that they are carefully targeted, informative and above all relevant. Bear in mind that if search engines perceive your newsletter as an empty tactic for bringing irrelevant users to your site, there could be penalties, and that a badly conceived newsletter could prove counter-productive.

5. Try to attract visitors who are likely to become customers, and from an SEO perspective, think about good link building strategies. Encourage links back to your site by creating a newsletter that will engage with your industry in a useful way. If you are marketing books, for example, think about ways in which your newsletter might encourage inbound links from libraries and other services that appear to be authoritative in the eyes of search engines. Remember that links from high quality sites are invaluable for good SEO.

In conclusion, design a newsletter that balances good SEO with good overall marketing strategies. Remember that effective marketing is always effective optimisation, since a reputation can only be improved with good content and relevant links. Have fun with your newsletter but keep it professional. Don’t lose sight of your set goals. Encourage people to subscribe so that the newsletter continues to work for you. Think of it as a useful vehicle for new improvements across the board.

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