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5 Reasons You Should Love Flat Weave Rugs


The interior market offers incredible ranges and varieties of carpets. Some of them are superb. some are elegant and some are modern. Choices give us options. At the same time, it makes us confused. No doubt, rug plays a crucial role in decorating a home and enhancing the aesthetic appeal. While selecting a rug, give importance to its key features. Let’s know about why buy flat weave rugs to buy the right rug for your home.

What are Flat Weave Rugs?

Understanding the structure of flat weave carpet is necessary before you come to know about its advantages. They are one of the oldest types of rugs, manufactured using a simple weaving technique. Though there is one simple technique of weaving, they are available in umpteen varieties of colours and patterns. These rugs are lighter, flexible and reversible.

Advantages of Flat Weave Rugs

Available in Wide Ranges of Styles

These carpets will blow your mind when it comes to varieties. You have options to choose modern to traditional styles. Modern zig-zag and stripe patterns have become a style statement of many homes in New Zealand and Australia. Floral motif rugs are available for traditional style homes. With so many choices to choose from, you can get the best rug suits to your taste and interior.

Choose According to Colours

Sometimes it seems impossible to find the rug that can match well to your wall or sofa colour. Under the flat weave carpet section, you can be surprised seeing varieties. Carpets are available in different shades. Moreover, there are sub-categories of colours such as electric blue, sky blue, and bluish-green, etc.

No Match in Durability

The weave style of the rug makes it durable. A flat weave rug doesn’t crush underfoot. In other words, it won’t develop flat areas or paths that you notice most likely in loop pile or cut pile rugs. So, homes with lots of foot traffic can buy the rug without any hesitation.

Fit Well with Furniture

These pile-less rugs come with an advantage of shift to any corner of your house. In case, you wish to use the rug under furniture, chair legs won’t leave an indentation. At the same time, the flat weave rugs keep your chairs and the table stable. They don’t tilt even they sit half-off the rug. Sliding chairs are easier.

A Relatively Inexpensive Option

Flat weave rugs are comparatively cheaper than silk and wool rugs. It is made of cotton, sisal, and man-made fabric. They are mostly machine made rugs. You would get a product which is not only cheaper but also attractive. At the same time, maintenance expenditure on flat weave carpets is cheaper. You can wash the rug home.

Easy to Care

No special caring is required. Flat weave rugs can be washed in your washing machine. You can vacuum the rug without many precautions. The weave pattern of both sides is the same. You can use either side. Flip it occasionally. It will allow you to use the rug for a long time without washing.