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5 Tips To Wealth Building And Money Manifestation

Wealth building is as simple as keeping track of where and how your money is spent.

Every New Year, how many millions of us come up with resolutions that include losing several pounds? Extra pounds don’t happen on accident. They are the direct result of calories you eat. It’s the same with money. At the end of the month, if you find you’re financially short, who spent that money? Unless you were robbed, it was you who made those purchases. The solution? Keep track of your money.

TIP 1 Start a diary – Simply jot down whatever money goes from you out to the world each day, in whatever form and no matter how little, right down to quarters in the parking meter.

This is the first step to changing habits. You have to be aware of how much you are actually spending and what you are spending it on in order to start building wealth. Eventually, you can do a spreadsheet that keeps track of expenses and income.

TIP 2 Ask yourself questions – For example, Is this something I really need or something I really want? That question alone will eliminate a huge number of expenditures.

It’s not that you won’t get what you want, you’ll just be changing the habit of buying the things you want on impulse. Reward yourself later with something free, that you love, like a walk in the woods, or playing a game with your children. Make a list of these alternative activities to keep on hand when it’s tempting to spend.

TIP 3 Save – Set aside the money that you avoided spending, on everything you wanted, each week and put it into savings.

When people quit smoking, they can save that money and watch how quickly it accumulates. Slowly but surely, you’ll be working towards manifesting money. Set realistic goals and be consistent when it comes to saving, and you can measure your progress.

TIP 4 Don’t Be a Yo-Yo – Like dieting, many people make the mistake of rewarding themselves for their hard work after losing weight by binging. The weight goes back up, they get discouraged, and may end up in worse shape than before they started. Don’t do this with your money!

Like eating, it’s part of daily life, so it needs to be approached as a lifestyle change as opposed to a quick fix.

TIP 5 Set Yourself Up For Success – How is this going to work for you? Do one thing differently everyday. For example, make your own coffee instead of buying it. It’s simple and saves a lot of money over time.

List the expenditures from your diary that could be eliminated right now, like going out to dinner multiple times each week. You could easily cut the frequency of going out to eat by half, as a starter, and the remaining days of the week cook at home.

Then categorize other items that you will be able to delete in the near future. You may have a list of things that you think you can’t eliminate, but maybe some things could be reduced, like your electricity use, for example.

Quit behaving like a spending zombie! Take responsibility for how your hard-earned money is spent. And this will lead to extreme wealth building and money manifestation.

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From Antonio Thornton of How To Manifest Money