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5 translations pricing pitfalls to avoid

With the decreasing cultural barrier and increasing international communication the importance of a translation agency is also increasing. An ideal translation agency understands the amount of efforts that its translator gives while translating a document.

People have tendency to compare the prices of documents between two translation agencies depending on the pages which is very wrong. some client might have send a document with greater fonts due to which , it may have only near about 100 words in 1 page while some client sends the document in smaller fonts having 500 words per page. Translation agency understands the work of their translators and so they charge a person according to the number of words that are translated and written while translating a document in to other language.

The second problem is the amount of words translated per language. Every language has its own style of presentation and the amount of words always differ depending on the language. a document converted from English to Chinese may have more words than the same document converted from English to French. The reason is that 100 English words are equal to 170 Chinese words which in turn increase the amount of words in translating. The translation rate may differ in such cases.

The translation process undergoes 3 steps before it is being submitted to the client after the translation. After the document is translated, it is edited by an editor correcting all the necessary mistakes in it. And the final step includes TEP process which is also known as proof reading process. Many companies have a tendency of taking this step very lightly but an ideal translation company takes this process very seriously and moves ahead with giving quality work to the client. When a company includes TEP charges in the bill the client should be happy as most of the translation agency do not do this and in turn tends to make many mistakes in translation.

A TEP process has its importance when performed by different translators. An ideal agency does this while most of the agencies have a single person to edit translate and proof read the copy. When a copy is proof rendered by many persons it leads towards quality of the translation.

Many translation agencies or the translation companies have a tendency to charge hidden fees which includes urgent fees and DTP charges. An ideal translation company understand the need of its client and always delivers the documents on time so there is no need of any urgent charged. Also the DTP charges are only valid if there is real complexity in the document related to its Format otherwise it is not at all required.

Avoid these pitfalls and you will be satisfied with the translation company.

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