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6 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Building Chicken Houses

It’s quite a challenge to build a chicken house that provides enough protection and comfort to your chickens so that they can lay eggs safely. Some people build chicken houses or chicken coops as a hobby while some do it out of necessity to keep their chickens safe. You can build a great place for your friends with feathers, but before you start building a house for them read on for some interesting tips.

Size: If you are not sure about the number of chickens you want to keep, then it is advisable to make a large house to play safe. It is better to make more room if you plan to raise chickens. If you make a small house and if later on you need to expand it, then the cost and hard work for rebuilding the house is much more than that of making a large house.

Ventilation: Make sure that the chicken house gets plenty of light and air. Proper ventilation and light are highly essential for chickens to remain healthy. Place the windows properly to get good ventilation but at the same time keep in mind that the window should not be placed in such a position from where direct sun rays will fall on the chickens.

Quality: The main reason to build a chicken house is to provide protection to your chicken and their eggs from various natural elements and predatory animals. So, the material used for building the coop should be of good quality and should be water resistant as excess water can lead to various diseases among hens. The chicken house should be quite tough and strong enough to stop other animals from getting inside it. There should be a solid and strong fencing wire on the ground surrounding the chicken coop to protect them from any kind of danger.

Feeder’s Position in the Coop: Make sure that the feeder is placed at the right place in the coop else the chickens might make a mess out of it or they may not be able to have the food properly.

Design: Try to plan out the design of your chicken house. If you plan out beforehand then while choosing a design you will not have to face much difficulty. Just choose the design which suits your plan and get your chicken coop ready. For this purpose, you can visit websites providing different styles and designs of chicken coops. Ensure that the chicken coop is off the ground which prevents other animals from getting inside the coop to cause harm to the chickens.

Budget: Finally, you should consider the budget before building the chicken coop. With proper planning you won’t have to spend loads of money on building a chicken house. Try to get the thing done at a lower cost but it should meet your needs.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to save money as well as a lot of hassles while you are building houses or coops for your chickens.

Trevor Marshall gives expert advice on incubators and chicken houses. In this article, you can read about 6 important tips that you should know before building chicken houses.