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A Basic Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

When your job exposes you to such hazards as harmful chemicals, extreme weather conditions, dangerous falls, electrical wires, open flames or heavy machinery, effective workplace safety solutions are necessary to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. Depending on the work environment and the hazards present, the right personal protective equipment can include work gloves, head and face protection, eye protection and protective clothing. Read on to learn more.

Work Gloves
Your hands are often your most powerful and essential tools in any work environment, so the proper hand protection is critical to getting the job done right. Work gloves are available in various materials, coatings and designs to meet specific job requirements. While nitrile gloves and vinyl coated gloves protect against chemical splashes, cut resistant gloves feature knit shells and polyurethane palm coatings. When choosing work gloves, comfort and dexterity are important considerations, as they have a huge impact on the effectiveness and precision of many jobs.

Head and Face Protection: The proper head and face protection can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury in the workplace. Hard hats, bump caps and head gear come in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide comfortable, secure fits. Hard hat suspensions increase comfort by keeping the head dry all day long. Visors and face shields protect against chemical splash and debris, with advanced features such as anti-fog protection.

Eye Protection: Seeing clearly on the job is extremely important for improving safety and performance on the job. Protective eyewear keeps your eyes safe from chemicals, dirt, dust and other debris. High-quality safety glasses feature options such as impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and hard coated lenses for maximum protection, as well as vented side shields and foam linings for increased comfort. Safety goggles protect against chemical splashes, with secure straps that keep the goggles firmly in place.

Protective Clothing: When exposed to extreme weather, electrical wires, fire, or low-visibility conditions, you must wear the proper protective clothing to reduce the risk of injury on the job. Heavy duty, arc resistant jackets, pants and shirts are required for electrical work, protecting you against the dangers of arc flash explosion. Flame resistant clothing protects against severe burns, made with advanced fabrics that keep you cool and safe in hot temperatures. Hi-viz protective clothing is available in bright colors for those who work on roadways or dark environments.

When choosing personal protective gear, be sure to take into consideration size, comfort and durability, as well, so that you receive the long-lasting protection you need.

Mike Strama is the E-commerce Manager at Magid Glove & Safety (, a provider of head and face protection, safety goggles, and industrial safety equipment. Magid provides workers with safety equipment to keep them protected and productive. Learn more at