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A Dummy’s Guide To Measuring Carpeting For Stairs

While deciding between turtles metal wall sculptures or metal wall accent mirror is mainly a matter of personal preference, before buying carpet for your stairs, it is important to measure the stairs properly to know how much carpet you need to buy. Purchasing too much will be a waste even though purchasing too little will make it hard to stretch or cover the area only partially. A common mistake in measuring carpet is simply measuring the width and the length of the stair and multiplying it by the number of stairs. It is vital to take both the risers and the lips of the risers into account. To accurately measure the stairs for carpeting, you will need a tape measure, paper and pen.

Measuring the length
Begin at the top of the staircase, measuring the length of the steps. First, measure the rise of the step, which is the part of the step that is actually stepped on. To do this, the tape measure must be positioned at the very depth of the stair step and stretch across to the very tip. Next measure the fall of the step, which is the backing of the stair. To do this, the tape measure should be placed at the joint of the immediate step and then stretched upwards. Add the measurement of the rise to the measurement of the fall. Add an additional two inches to the sum of the rise and fall measurement to account for padding and the curvature of the step. Count the number of steps that have the same dimensions as the one that you just measured and then multiply the number by the number of steps. For any other steps that have different measurements, measure the rise and fall in the same way that you measured for the first step, being certain that you add two inches to the step and then multiply it to the number of steps of the exact same size. To figure the total, add all the sums of the various sizes.

Measuring the width
In measuring the width, start with the widest step of the staircase. Although there may be different widths, you will merely need to measure the widest one as the width of the carpet should be cut based on the widest step. The width cannot be cut individually when you buy the carpet. Place the measuring tape on one side of the wall, stretching it across up to the other side of the wall. To account for padding, allow an addition of two inches onto your measurement for width.

Measuring straight stairs
If your stairs have uniformly sized steps, all with the exact same dimensions, you can stretch the measuring tape or ruler on one entire step starting at the inside edge of the tread and over the outside of the tread, down along the riser and up to the top of the next tread. Add a surplus of two inches to the measurement and then multiply the number of steps, leaving out the last riser on the top of the landing. Measure the landings and add it to the measurement of the tread, being certain to add an additional inch to be turned in at the ends. To determine the number of yard of carpet that you need, divide the total by thirty-six.

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