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A Review of Ecoquest Air Purifiers

Ecoquest markets a product developed by Alpine industries. The Ecoquest Air Purifier comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their middle sized unit is called the Breeze AT. The next size up is the Classic and their new flagship product is the Fresh Air.

The prices for the Ecoquest Air Purifiers range from $400 to close to $900. This seems like an outrageous amount for an air purifier until you compare a few key options.
Just one Ecoquest Air Purifier can purify the air in a home or office up to 3000 square foot. Some name brand competitors can only purify rooms of 100 to 300 square foot at an average cost of about $200 per unit. You may need more units at a cost of $200 per unit to actually clean the air in your whole house compared to one Ecoquest unit that can do the whole house.

Applications of an Ecoquest Air Purifiers meet or exceed those of other name brand air purifiers according to my own personal test and those of 2 of my assoicates. The Ecoquest Air Purifiers remove toxic mold and mildew, eliminate dust mites, remove toxic odors, eliminate bad odors and reduce allergens in the air like pollen as wells as eliminating second hand smoke.

In my home application I put the Ecoquest Air Purifier into a room with 2 pieces of antique furniture that I purchased at an auction. To my dismay I found out after the pieces were delivered that they came from a home littered with too many cats. The furniture had a terrible odor from cat urine. A friend suggested I take the Ecoquest Air Purifier into the room, shut the door and let it run on full blast for a day or two. At this point I was willing to try anything to salvage my furniture. After 3 days the antiques stopped smelling and were moved into my home.

Another friend of mine had 3 name brand air purifiers in their tiny 1000 square foot home. They tried an Ecoquest Air Purifier and expressed to me their immediate satisfaction. Their house no longer sounded like a wind tunnel. Their daughter who suffers from terrible allergies was sleeping easier at night. The name brand units were put into the garage and they gladly paid the premium price for the Ecoquest Unit.

Another associate has expressed to me that they can’t live without their Ecoquest Air Purifier. She suffered from migraines. Her children suffered from allergies and her husband snored so loudly that it kept her awake at night. Upon installing the unit and adjusting the settings she found that after a week the children were no longer on allergy medications, her husband’s snoring had stopped and she had not had a migraine since the unit was installed.

There is a school of thought that the ozone technology used in the machine could be harmful but that theory has not been proven. All in all if you weigh the pros being top air purification and odor elimination vs the cons being the price of the unit I think the Ecoquest Air Purifier is a valid option for home air purification.

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