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Acne Laser Treatment: A Comprehensive Guideline

Gone are the days of the old pop-and-prick dermatology procedure as the advent of acne laser treatment began to be one giant enhancement industry helping people especially those suffering from acne to feel better about themselves. Since antibiotics are becoming unproductive and useless these days, a lot of people gradually develop a strong interest in cosmetic treatments using laser, which is known to be one of the most precise, wide-ranging, and safe solutions to acne problems. To find more about laser treatments, the words that follow will serve as a guideline:

* Unlike treatments for acne that always recur, laser treatment yield permanent results. The recurrence rate in laser isn’t high so you don’t have to worry of your acne going back and getting worse.
* Laser treatment is done through a laser beam. The actual procedure is done with the use of a laser pen positioned just above the infected area. The pen waves a beam light gradually vaporizing the infected tissue. Afterwards, a new skin tissue and skin surface will come about making way for skin cell renewal and growth.
* Laser must be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon or a certified dermatologist. Although there are no federal precincts as to who will carry out the procedure of laser treatment, still it would be safe to go for licensed and proven capable in the field. Before setting foot in a cosmetic clinic, a little background check will help.
* Post- procedural bruising is possible but is considered normal skin reaction. If you’re worried of acne laser treatment being harmful and painful to the skin, the answer is a ‘No’. Laser is considered the safest and painless procedure among different types of skin treatment. Marking and swelling are part of the normal phase, but it will later on subdue in just a period of 5 to 7 days. So in the entire period when you will be experiencing a little downtime, it is best that you only use given prescription to be applied on areas where laser resurfacing is done. If possible, do not apply any forms of make-up to avoid irritation and further infection.
* Laser and medical equipment must be checked to ascertain that they’re all in mint condition. Keep in mind, laser treatment may be painless and safe, but if the equipment used isn’t working at its best, the outcome of the treatment may be affected.
* For those with darker skin, acne laser treatment may not be the best solution for acne problems as it has a different kind of result to those bearing a darker color. However, there is always an exception. In the hands of a specialist, dark skin people will still get a beam of hope through other non-ablative laser procedure.

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