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Add Functionality With Dual Bathroom Sinks

When looking to spruce up the bathroom, many updates can be difficult to accomplish. With the high price of bathroom fixtures and the need for professional installation, many homeowners are left feeling that this room is untouchable unless a high budget is in the works. Yet one fixture that can transform the bathroom while being simpler to install and moderately priced is the bathroom sink. Chances are your home has several different bathrooms, including a master bath, powder room or kid’s bathroom. You’ll find that not all sinks are right for every room, but often times it’s the widely used bathrooms that homeowners look to upgrade.

Dual sinks are a popular choice for homeowners since they provide an extra space for brushing teeth, washing hands and getting ready in the morning. These dual fixtures are most common in master baths or guest bathrooms where multiple people will be sharing the room. Having dual fixtures also provides a focal point in the bathroom, as the sinks take up the counter space, have matching faucets and look equally impressive, especially when they are new and updated. The only downside to having dual fixtures is that you have one more sink to clean!

There are many variations to dual sinks that reach far beyond the standard image of a long counter top with two vessels. Some basins are placed next to each other, while others are placed on opposite ends of the counter top. This is a great idea because it allows ample room and counter space for two people to get ready in the mornings. His and hers bathrooms are designed to have dual sinks, yet there is a fixture in between, such as a small armoire or set of drawers. This creates a space for each partner to use, without feeling overcrowded.

If your home follows a contemporary theme however, you may want to venture away from a dual sink that sits on a counter top. Instead, the sinks can be mounted on the wall for a sleek and stylish appearance. You can opt to place a small shelf underneath the fixtures, or you can leave them as is. Although these fixtures look absolutely stunning, they are not always practical for couples on the go who have a lot of accessories. Another idea that allows for more storage space, but still offers a modern appearance is by purchasing two matching bowls that sit on top of the counter. Or, you can opt for a dual sink and washbasin that provides one shallow sink and one deep sink for all of your bathroom needs.

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