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Advertising Your Online Business With Ezine Solo Ads

Everyone knows that in order to make your internet business a huge success, you must advertise, advertise, advertise…One of the ways to do this is by creating ezine solo ads. These are email advertisements with your URL and sales page links that get distributed to a targeted group of people who are already subscribed to other people’s ezines or newsletters, and interested in what you have to offer. Because the people receiving your ad are already opt-in subscribers to other people’s newsletters, you are not sending out spam. With ezine solo ads, you have the opportunity to market your business in an email that contains only your advertisement and nothing else. The beauty of it is that if you don’t already have a big list of opt-in subscribers to your own newsletter, then you can send your ad to other people’s opt-in lists, and this may translate into huge sales for you with minimal effort!

Submitting your ads to the thousands of available ezines over the internet can be one of the easiest ways to advertise because all you do is create the ad, and make an order for a solo ad. The solo ads range in price from maybe $30-$200+ to suit your budget. The more expensive the solo ads, the larger the number of subscribers your ad is sent to, and probably the quicker your ad will be displayed. The subscriber numbers can vary from maybe 1000-87000+ and it is recommended that you submit at least 3 solo ads to the ezines, and do this regularly.

To find out where to send your solo ad, you can join the Directory of Ezines. For a small membership fee you can have access to the most complete list of ezines available on the net and search for your niche, subscriber list size, price, etc. Members are even entitled to a discount.

I would say the main disadvantage of the ezine solo ad is the time it takes to send out ads in the cheaper price ranges. The delay can sometimes be frustrating when you want to see results fast, and the only way to avoid that is by paying for the more expensive solo ads. You should also make sure your ad doesn’t sound like everyone else’s ad, otherwise people will recognize and skip over it. It may be wise to invest in or download a free ebook on writing good ad copy to make sure you use the words that capture people’s attention, make them interested in clicking on your links, and potentially making a purchase.

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