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Alarms and Home Security One Part Of Self Defense

Lately there have been a number of companies advertizing their alarm systems that they say will better protect your home and family and give you piece of mind. If the alarm goes off the call goes out and soon there will be help on the way to deal with fire, home invasion or what other crisis you might be having. While it isn’t a bad idea to have an alarm it is only one part off home defense, and you can’t rely solely on it for your safety. No matter what alarm system you decide to buy keep in mind it still takes time for help to arrive, so what are you going to do until the cavalry arrives?

A woman puts her child too bed and suddenly the silence the night is broken is a burglar breaks down a door or shatters a window, but the alarm goes off and soon this individual is running off into the night and help is on the scene. Well if only the real world worked that way. First for an alarm to be effective you have to make it a regular practice of turning it on an off, and only those in your inner circle who you trust the most should know how to turn it on and off. Many people don’t turn their alarms on while they’re home and thieves know that and won’t be afraid to strike even if you’re there. According to the Department of Justice police response times vary by type of crime, but range anywhere from under 5 minutes to over 10 minutes. While this doesn’t sound like a lot of time it is plenty of time for you to become a victim of robbery, sexual assault, or even murder.

You have to look at your alarm the way you look at your smoke detector; it is only there to warn you of a possible fire it won’t put it out for you. If someone breaks into your home it might before any number of reasons. In Detroit some ready back a highly trained group of thieves were ripping off drug dealers, but their intelligence wasn’t only the best and several times broke in on family and the elderly as they searched for drugs and money. One former coworker who lived not far from her job at a psychiatric hospital was horrified to find out that a sex offender who was “fond” of her escaped fortunately in her case he was caught by local police, but he could have easily run into her and followed her home. Bottom line is you don’t know why someone is breaking in, but you have to be prepared for the worst.

Getting an alarm is just the first step in protecting your home, and they’re plenty of other things you can do to keep your home safe. Make sure your vehicles are packed away from your home so nobody can climb on the roof of your vehicle and gain access to your home, and while you at keep outside ladders chain them up. If you keep a shed it should also be locked along with your garage, so a potential intruder won’t find any tools to help them break in to your home. Make locking your doors and setting the alarm part of your routine, and go over fire and escape drills with the whole family. If weapons are part of your home defense plan make sure you can have ready access to them if you need them. Your home is probably your largest single investment so protect it and those who share it with you with all you’ve got.

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