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Apply For A Merchant Cash Advance Even With A Bad Credit Score

The usual scenario is when a person incurs a bad credit score; most usually, he or she is disapproved when applying for a loan most specially from a bank. This is because loan applications are very dependent on the credit history of an individual and as such could be a pre-requisite for an approval. This is the reason why business owners who need fresh funds for their business have to look for other alternatives when their credit score is far from perfect. Moreover, the best option available is to apply for a merchant cash advance.

Applying for a cash advance does not rely heavily on how good your credit score is, rather, all it needs to consider is if your establishment accepts credit card payments. A small percentage from your credit card transaction will be the mode of payment for your advance, and as such, does not really need for your credit score to be squeakily clean. So long as there is an ongoing payment transaction from Visa or MasterCard then you are all set to go for an advance.

In today’s volatile economy, it is getting harder for any individual to apply for a loan. That is why; in order to pump in more funds for the business for whatever purpose it may serve, you must look for a better alternative and that is merchant advance. It is not actually considered a loan, but a cash advance from your future credit card payments. Therefore, it provides you with lesser risk and complications compared when you need to pay for a fixed monthly fee covered in a traditional loan. Your merchant cash advance gets paid when you get paid as well, so no room for worries and pressures on your part. You can go on with your business without the fear of having to file for insolvency just because you were not able to keep track with your payables. Now that is the best advantage a merchant cash advance can give you, so apply for one now.

At 1st Working Capital Group, we strive to meet the demands and needs of businesses Nationwide. We assist in the underwriting process, presentation and fulfillment of your Merchant Cash Advance, ultimately achieving the maximum funding of your capital needs.