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Are Shipping Rates Negotiable to Any Degree?

When a New Jersey delivery service issues one of their clients a quote on a shipment, most people assume automatically that is the best price that is going to be offered by that courier. They will then proceed to try and obtain quotes from the competition in an effort to try and find the best pricing on that particular order. What is overlooked in many situations is the fact that most of the time there is actually some flexibility that may allow for negotiation in the shipping rates that are originally quoted to you by the courier that you are using.

First of all, remember that the only possible way to save money on your shipping is to ask your courier if there is a way to lower your rate. They are going to be perfectly happy to charge you the maximum amount, as this just means more profit for them. If you approach them about ways that they might be able to lower your bill though, they’re going to be forced to consider how they might be able to cut you a deal, and how important it is to them that they keep your business.

This is something that you need to realize. The more valuable you are to a courier company and the more business you represent to them over the long term, the more likely they are going to be to negotiate with you. So, if you do business with several different courier companies, keep in mind that those that you give more of your shipping too are going to have more reason to negotiate prices with you than those that you might only ship with once in a while.

If you’re trying to negotiate a shipping rate, what you should actually be aiming for is some kind of long term corporate discount. This means that you’re trying to get the courier company to agree to offer you some kind of preferred rate that is going to apply to everything that you’re going to ship with them in the future. Don’t worry if the amount that they try and offer you seems like a very small discount. When you have something that is going to apply to all your future deliveries, even if it is a very small amount it represents a significant savings. The more you ship with that courier over the years the more the savings will mount, making that little negotiation very worthwhile.

Everette is a consultant for new jersey delivery service and courier service pennsylvania companies as well as national courier service businesses.