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Are Teenagers Prepared To Drive?

Should the minimum age of drivers be raised from 16 to 18? In many states the legal age at which an individual can drive a car is 16, yet a few years ago there was some debate as to whether or not that age is appropriate for young people to be driving. Because the majority of accidents involving automobiles relates to drivers under the age of 20, insurance providers and concerned parents lobbied to have the legal requirements of a driver changed to accommodate the more mature habits of someone that is older. While the age of the driver remains at 16 across most of the nation, the question of responsibility should be raised regarding the amount of instruction and experience a student is given before they are issued a driving license.

Whether taking courses at age 16 or age 18 the problem remains that younger drivers lack the skills and training to handle most situations that require quick thinking and fast reflexes. While students are responsible for the majority of car accidents their training for proper highway safety and etiquette are also points that should be questioned. Do younger drivers receive enough training and time behind the wheel to safely be allowed onto the streets? The insurance companies would argue that younger inexperienced drivers lack the intuition and sometimes the focus to drive a vehicle safely. With the number of reported accidents caused by people under the age of 20 accounting for more than 60% of the accidents on the road there is concern that younger drivers lack the ability to safely operate a moving vehicle.

Unfortunately when teenagers are included in the injuries associated with an accident the fatalities are high. Through reckless driving, texting and cell phone use many teens that survive a collision end up in court being sued by the families of people that have had their lives dramatically changed by the young driver. After hiring a personal injury attorney, Rock Hill and Columbia residents go after the people that are responsible for causing a tragedy in their homes. Likewise people living in Greenville and Florence also look to the assistance of an injury lawyer to make a case against a teenager that has been negligent in their driving. During Spring Break an injury lawyer in Myrtle Beach may be on the lookout for cases of accidents involving younger drivers as the city swells with students looking to let off steam. With so many accidents being prosecuted by a personal injury lawyer Columbia courtrooms are booked with cases that are brought against teenage drivers. To prevent the further lawsuits and reduce the number of automobile accidents caused by people under the age of 20, perhaps it is time to evaluate the educational requirements that allow teens to pick up a license at age 16 and make those courses stricter and more responsive to the regulations that govern safe driving.

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