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Article Marketing – Bring Traffic To Your Website

In order to generate traffic to your website you need a way in which you can drive traffic to your site. However, there are many methods for driving traffic to your website. Article marketing, or bum marketing is one of the most efficient ways to bring traffic to your site. Many people are doing it all around the world and it does work very effectively.

Did I mention that it is free. If you can write you can bring traffic to your site, its that easy. So in the article I will be discussing what article marketing is and how to use it effectively to get traffic to your site. Even if you can’t write very good you could outsource your articles for a lot cheaper than you might think, at any popular freelance job posting sites.

So How Does Article Marketing Work?

Basically you right an article on something related to your site. Let say you run a site that sells golf accessories. You could simply write an article about perfecting the perfect golf swing. There could be hundreds of different topics on golf so the possibilities are endless. Basically, the general idea behind article marketing or bum marketing is you are writing about something people do in fact want to know about. You do have to make it informative and can not say anything about your website in the article. Be creative and have some fun with it.

So How To Articles Get Traffic?

So you have gotten your very first article together, and now it is time to right your bio box. This is just a little part under the article that will display a little bit about you. What you want to do is include a link to your web site with a hyperlink. But the trick is you want to make it enticing so that people will want to click on your link. Do not just put something lame like, “please click here for more information.” Believe me no-one will.

I always use a call for action. For instance on our golf article you might have something like, “Improving your swing is very complex, but with the right accessories you can master your swing with ease, and then have a link to your website. Better yet, use an anchored text linking to your site which will give you brownie points in the search engines. The golden rule is just make it informative and informational.

Article marketing is just the tip of the ice berg. We have supplied thousands of people with a Free Traffic Generator service that is helping people’s site get ranked number one in Google.

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