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Atlanta Construction Accident Lawyer

One of the most popular fields of personal injury law is construction accident law. There are thousands of constructions accidents each year – any one of which could cause catastrophic injuries. These accidents can be fatal. An Atlanta construction accident lawyer at Monge and Associates can help an injured person protect themselves and their future by working on their behalf to obtain a settlement.

Construction accident law can be considered a niche field. Many of the most successful construction accident lawyers have years of experience in the field of personal injury. Because of the wide variety of injuries that a construction worker can face, it is important to work with an Atlanta based attorney who has a solid background and understanding of all types of personal injury in the state of Georgia. From workplace slip and falls to more serious construction accidents, an Atlanta construction accident lawyer will be prepared to get their clients the settlement they are entitled to.

One of the most difficult aspects of construction accident law is the ever changing technology and equipment. Equipment used for everything from loading to climbing has become computerized and many believe this has actually lead to an increase in the number of serious construction accidents. A qualified attorney from Monge and Associates will help to determine if the equipment on a site was faulty or if it played any role in the accident itself.

Unfortunately, the number of construction site accidents has only increased in the last few years. In fact, OSHA estimates that as many as 1000 people suffer from a fatal construction accident each year. Because of the large number of claims, in many cases, lawyers will attempt to settle a case out of court. In some instances, an attorney representing the defendant will contact the injured party before they have had a chance to contact an attorney, in order to force an early and less expensive settlement. An Atlanta construction accident lawyer will have the experience needed to successfully negotiate a settlement or, if needed, take the matter before a judge.

Anyone who has been involved in a construction site accident should know their rights. They are entitled to representation. They are entitled to sue to recoup lost or future wages, medical expenses and, in some cases, pain and suffering. These larger settlements are difficult to understand and impossible for a layperson to handle on their own. Instead, working with an attorney who has the resources available to adequately present your case and proactively engage in negations to settle the case in your favor, is the best way to ensure your long term needs will be met.

A workplace or construction accident can effectively end your ability to earn money and to take care of yourself. Your medical bills and lost wages must be replaced. In the United States, typically the party that is at fault for the accident is legally responsible for these bills. Using the legal team at Monge and Associates, an Atlanta construction accident attorney can take advantage of all of the tools available to get you the settlement you deserve.

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