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Attorneys For Help With Cell Tower Lease Agreements

A good attorney can make a critical impact on the stipulations that are included in a cell tower lease agreement for both the land owner of the site in question and the cellular service company. They provide legal services to land owners, whether they are public or private, regarding all of the legal issues that are involved in these types of leases. The goal of these professionals is to provide sound legal advice involving any issues that are associated with these leases. Some of these issues include negotiation, re negotiation, landlord tenant disputes, litigation support, due diligence regarding the environment, due diligence regarding local laws and also the general administration of the lease.

There are many benefits to hiring an attorney for any and all of these situations. These professionals can cut the time down that it takes to review leases because a good cell tower attorney will have hundreds of prior leases to draw from to use as examples. For just about every possible issue that might come up, they will have alternative cell tower lease clauses available, and experienced professionals will have already reviewed leases from all of the major cellular phone companies and tower companies, as well as many from the larger regional ones.

A cell tower lease attorney should not charge you to research the issues unless they are relatively novel ones that they have not seen before, and this is one reason why it is important to get an experienced professional to help you. They also should not charge you for copies or for faxes or phone bills. They should act quickly for you so that you do not have to wait weeks for help, either. There are some attorneys that deal with these lease issues only a few times a month or even a few times a year, so you need to find an attorney that deals with issues daily.

An experienced cell tower lease attorney will have access to all kinds of resources that an inexperienced attorney would not have access to, such as radio experts and environmental experts. There are clauses that are often included in these agreements that are named Scared Cow clauses, and a good professional will know exactly what those are and should not fight with the language in the clause unless you, the land owner wants them to do so. Most of all, a good attorney will understand financial aspects of these cell tower leases so that the carriers can address changes in terms of cost with their help.

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