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Before You Start You Your Own Online Business, Do You Have What It Takes?

It seems like these days everybody wants to start their own online business Tired of their job, working for somebody, irritated at the commute, need extra cash, whatever the case may be. I have been there and done that and learned quite a bit along the way.

What most people don’t have is the backbone and drive to make a home based business successful. I am a member of many forums on the internet and believe me if some of these newbies don’t make a grand the first week they are ready to give up. Most new entrepreneurs are not prepared to invest the time and additional money in their business to give it a chance to succeed. The acceptable thought is if I build it they will come and spend their money. I had the same thought several years ago when I began my first venture. I woke up the second time around.

Running and building your home based business takes time. To skyrocket your business you must prepare to spend advertising money in addition to the free advertising that is available. All of it is important. It takes several weeks to make a huge move in the search engines. Most people who are looking for a product or service generally uses the search sites. If your site doesn’t make the first three pages then, it probably won’t be seen by that person doing the search. So it is very important to use the tools necessary to get your site listed at the top of the search engines. There are many tools available to you some are free and some cost but you must make an investment in time and money. Remember your site is not brick and mortar you find on a street corner which is very visible, you must make it be seen. You are not paying rent for a building so why not invest money to make it successful. If you can’t afford to invest to build your business you are going to be very frustrated unless you understand the old adage “it takes money to make money.” It doesn’t take a lot but you must be prepared to spend some to give your business a winning edge.

It has been said that only about 5% of home based businesses really make more than they spend. The primary reason is most entrepreneurs wannabes don’t give it a chance to succeed. Most wealthy people have failed and have had numerous setbacks before they reaked in the success. Donald Trump was bankrupt after becoming a millionaire and become a multi-millionaire once again after bankruptcy. He could have given up but he knew how to make money. Tom Hicks, the owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team, became bankrupt and became successful once again. It is has nothing to do with what type of business you are in. It is the person behind the business that will either make it succeed or fail.

Perseverance, persistence, dedication and a positive attitude make all the difference in any endeavor. A book to read is Napoleon Hill’s “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” Be prepared for setbacks and knockdowns but get back on your feet. Read all the information you can from those that are successful. They will all share their ideas and skills. You and I know that all their trade secrets will not be revealed but at least you get some ideas of where to start and what to do.

You must be a risk taker but not a sucker. Take an idea or business and run with it. Where many people fail is that they start something and do it for awhile and then start another business and work it for awhile and don’t get the bang they are looking for and move to something else without giving any of it a chance to succeed. It becomes an endless cycle. These are the ones grouped in the 95% that don’t make it.

If you are serious about an online business, do research. Look for a business that offers multiple streams of residual income. Residual income is money that is made over and over from the same action. In other words, if somebody signs up for a product or service you are paid repeatedly while they are a member. Make sense? If you had several of these types of businesses just think of the money you could be making if you promote it and advertise and work at it. Locate opportunities that setup your website and train you in a system that has proven to work. Again, research it. Who is behind the business? You should avoid anything that does not put their own personal stamp on it, in other words their name. Type their name in any search engine and find out who they are and if you can trust them.

Starting your own online business or trying to make an existing one work, persistence and a great attitude is a strong beginning. Take some action each and every day to build your business. Be prepared for setbacks but don’t allow them to overwhelm you or stop you from succeeding.

Carl Hoffman is a retired Army Sergeant Major who has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. He has many online ventures and author of many articles on sales, leadership and marketing.

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