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Benefits of Annuities

A Retirement Annuity offers big benefits for people ready to retire. Retirement Annuities can generate a solid return, provide steady income, and are stable, low risk investments so you won’t need to worry about losing your retirement savings. Here are just a few benefits of Retirement Annuities:

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

You read that right…guaranteed lifetime income. This is the whole idea behind a retirement annuity: to provide a steady stream of income for the rest of your life…no matter how much you put into the account, no matter how long you live, your income is guaranteed for life!

Inflation Protection

With a retirement annuity you can protect yourself from inflation and the rising cost of living. Your pension or social security alone may not be able to cover your living expenses 10 or 15 years from now, but adding in a retirement annuity will boost your income so you can be sure you can cover all your expenses, and have something left over to enjoy your retirement with.

Assured Rate of Return

Annuities can guarantee the rate of return on your money. This can definitely take the stress and worry out of investing. With today’s volatile market you can rest assured that you won’t be losing your retirement savings, or that your savings aren’t growing as quickly as they should. Yes, you won’t be able to take advantage of a high rate of return when the market goes up, but would you really want to risk your retirement savings if the market takes another dip?

Estate Planning Advantage

Annuities may avoid probate. They can easily be transferred to named beneficiaries avoiding delays, expenses and a long, drawn out probate process. The Beneficiary may choose to receive a lump sum or and take portions in the form of monthly income. This will help to avoid frustration especially with probate process which will take some time even years.

A retirement annuity is simply any annuity that is used to provide for retirement. Retirement Annuity can be of any type and typically used as the backbone of a retirement income plan, or to supplement other sources of retirement income such as a pension or social security benefits.