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Best Platform Scales for Your Veterinary Practice

Floor scales and platform scales come in many varieties, but finding one best suited for use with animals takes some research. The best type of platform scales for veterinary use will have specific features that make it easier to weigh both large and small animals. Some of these features that good veterinary platform scales have include: a lock-on weighing feature, digital readouts, easy to clean platforms, automatic power switch off (since you usually have your hands full just dealing with the animal), display hold features that allow you to take the animal off the platform before you record the weight, and removable non-slip rubber mat for the platform surface.

In general, both large animal veterinarians and small animal veterinarians will be dealing with the same obstacles when weighing animals. Some of these obstacles are: animals getting agitated during the weighing process, animals moving around during the weighing process, pets tripping on cords and disconnecting or damaging equipment, the necessity of weighing some agitated animals while in pet carriers or with their owner, the need of cleaning the animal weighing scales between animals (particularly with sick animals), and animal claws, hooves, or feet slipping on the platform scale surface (which can result in the animal getting injured from falling).

When you are looking for a platform scale for your veterinarian office, you will find the best scale by analyzing the needs of the animals you service and taking into consideration the location of the animal scale in your office.

Most animals move around a lot when they are being weighed (unless they are well trained), so a lock-on weighing feature will really assist in proper weighing. This feature will take the registered weights during a three second interval and average them into one weight. Another important feature for busy clinics is a digital readout with large numbers that can be read across the room (since you often will be taking care of the animal at the same time you are recording the weight).

It is also helpful to have a display hold feature that will hold the displayed weight (or body mass, or whatever) for three to five minutes, so you can take the animal off the platform before you record the weight. As with all medical supplies, it is critical to have a platform scale that is easy to clean, with surfaces that can be totally sterilized (stainless steel). Another handy feature that platform scales designed for veterinarian clinics is an automatic power switch off. This is really useful, since you usually have your hands full just dealing with the animal.

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