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Best Way to save on Your Wedding Using Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Purchasing bridal flowers from a wholesale company can certainly often be a great deal more economical compared to buying them from a conventional florist. You’ll find a lower cost per flower when you’re purchasing wholesale. Flowers you receive from a flower designer may be up to two weeks old in comparison with flowers from a wholesaler that are picked directly at the farm and then shipped to you within a couple of days The flowers are going to be of much higher quality for the simple reason they have not been handled by many people

Considering that a flower can be as much as 2 weeks old from a local florist it just makes sense that the more fresh the flower the more time it will last and maintain its natural beauty Flowers from a local florist have to go from the farm to a distributor to a local wholesaler and then to the florist by buying direct you are cutting out the middlemen and not having to pay all those hefty markups saving you money. Who can argue with fresher, cheaper flowers that are going to last nearly twice as long as a florists stock!

Wholesale wedding Flowers are shipped within hours of being cut at the farm guaranteeing the highest quality freshest flowers that you can get. Buying your flowers from a wholesaler is a great way to save money on a wedding especially in today’s tough economy Flowers are the perfect addition to any event and a must have for all weddings

The largest fear most brides have about ordering flowers from a wholesaler is whether they will be able to make the arrangements as nice as a florist , you can , it is very easy and there are many online books and video’s that can help you through the process. Depending at how far in advance you plan your wedding , you can place your order up to a year in advance , most wholesalers do not charge you until the flowers are shipped or only charge a small deposit. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your arrangements have your flowers delivered approximately 48 hours before your event

A lot of brides will have a bouquet party what a better way to celebrate your wedding than to get family and your bridesmaids together to for a party to build flower bouquets for the special event. Once you know how to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful you’ll need a team of people to help with the arrangements.
you’ll need to unpack the wholesale wedding flowers as soon as they arrive. When you receive the flowers cut the stems and place them in water , make sure not to unwrap the blooms they need to rehydrate for at least 12 hours first. Some flowers need certain temperatures to survive, and others need specific lightning, make sure that you research the types of flowers you’re ordering before making that final purchase.

Where you buy your flowers is a very important decision , you want to purchase from a reputable supplier that will guarantee there product and delivery on your most important day. We have reviewed some of the largest most reputable companies at our siteWholesale Wedding Flowers and also at