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Bike Theft Is On The Rise In Many Parts Of The UK

Thieves are scouring the UK countryside seeking to run off with hundreds of millions of pounds worth of motorbikes, where many of these are simply sitting on a person’s home drive.

Although, in many cases the theft of a vehicle such as a motorbike may be covered under an owner’s home insurance, it would be a wise move to check all cover that might have an impact upon the stolen item.

Home insurance will typically cover property stolen on the premise that is insured if, indeed, all personal possessions residing on the property are included in the policy. But, not all insurers offer the inclusion of such items such as cars and bikes under theft protection in a home insurance policy.

Therefore, it is necessary for any bike owner to look into whether there is a need to make sure a proper and up-to-date bike insurance policy is in force.

Many companies offering bike insurance require that owners install properly recognised security devices that will cut down on the occurrence of theft. Most of these items are labelled as Thatcham approved, signifying that are the devices that fit the necessary requirements of the insurance company.

Anti theft devices can include everything from sounding alarms to items that render the motorbike immobile, making it difficult to take since it has to be lifted up and placed on another transport vehicle. Inclusion of anti theft devices will often help to reduce premiums paid for insurance.

The Thatcham-approved systems allow for alarm sounding even when the bike is not being charged. These alarms and immobilisers should be the first and most important accessories you purchase for your riding pleasure, since the goal is to prevent thieves from taking your bike when you are not around.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to garage your motorbike, you can possibly add to obtaining lower premiums from your insurance company by installing garage door security. There are many popular devices that can be purchased at reasonable costs and easily installed in any up-and-over garage door in less than an hour.

One of the greatest features about this type of anti theft devices is its visibility. Not only can you place a warning emblem upon the garage door, but anyone trying to pull on the door will be greeted with great resistance indicating that there is a device in place that will interrupt their thieving way.

Additionally, insurance companies look favourably upon owners who provide upgraded anti theft devices that ‘go the measure’ to prevent off-property thievery. These include devices such as anchors and chains or wheel immobilisers. These items are especially important for any bike owner who uses the vehicle for transport back and forth to college or work where there is no secure parking area.

Through use of one of these types of anti theft devices, policyholders prove to insurance companies that they have a serious attitude toward keeping the bike safe and secure. The bike insurance company should return with favourable discounts for bike owners investing in anti theft security devices.

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