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Blackberry Pearl 8110: The First Candybar Format Blackberry Device

If you take yourself as part of the Blackberry aficionados group, you will always think of how cool and hip it is to be toting one. Surly the Blackberry Pearl, responsible for ferrying smart phones by RIM to the mainstream market, gains much credit. Here let us take a look at AT&T’s Blackberry Pearl 8110. It’s still a competent smart phone and not a bad choice, even though there are better choices around.

The Blackberry Pearl 8110 is a small and tidy Smart phone – looks like neat candybar mobile phone. The handset weighs 91 grams and is just 107mm tall, 50mm wide and 14.5mm thick, which makes the Pearl 8110 perfect to carry around in the pocket. The Pearl 8110 comes in three stylish colors including black, blue, and pink, which give this business focused Smart phone a fun and colorful flavour. The users can choose their favorite colors to express their own style. This smart phone sports a 2.2 inches screen which displays up to 65,000 colors at a resolution of 240 x 260 pixels. There is no touch screen just like other smart phones have, but it comes with easy to use trackball that sits under the screen to navigate and a SureType QWERTY keyboard that only RIM seems to get just right which is ideal for creating emails

The stylish Pearl 8110 is furnished with a built in RIM wireless modem which allows the user to gain quick access to the Internet from this highly capable business featured Smart phone. Its wireless email service allows the user to create, send, receive, reply and forward messages complete with email attachments. Instead of Wi-Fi, The Blackberry Pearl 8110 owns a built in GPS which is available dependant on the user’s network service provider and this handset supports Blackberry Maps. It also provide an installed document viewer which allows the user to view documents in either Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

The Smart phone comes with 64 megabytes of on board memory which can be expanded up to 4GB using a microSD card slot to suit the user storage needs. There is also a a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can use your favorite earphones. Both are great additions for music fans. A built in media player allows the user to playback their favorite music either through the headset or over the loud speaker for a shared music experience. It also supports voice dialing and hands free speakerphone features which is a great favor to those who are always busy with tasks at hands. A 2 megapixels camera is present in this phone, which complete with a digital zoom and a flash, thus supporting still picture and videoing capturing. It shoots images at reasonable quality as long as the subject is still, while you may get a bit of blurring if they are moving. There is also some shutter lag, so you have to hold the Pearl quite steady after you’ve pressed the shutter button, which is a little disappointing.

In terms of connectivity, the user can connect to other devices such as a computer using a USB connection. Data transfer can be done by the built-in Bluetooth technology. Its Li-Ion 900 mAh standard battery also performs well with up to 360 hours of standby time as well as up to 4 hours of talk time.

Undoubtedly, the Blackberry Pearl 8110 is a neat and compact candybar phone with a strong range of smart phone features and some consumer-friendly extras.

Jerry Smith, the editor of An expert on mobile phone and an observer of UK telecommunication market. He writes reviews on latest mobile phones, and also suggests promotional deals and special offers from mobile phone retailers in UK.

Written by Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith, the editor of An expert on mobile phone and an observer of UK telecommunication market.

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