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Blogging is one of the newest and biggest trends in internet marketing, so if you haven’t yet created your website blog, now is an ideal time to get started, as it will drive traffic to your site in hoards!

What is a blog? Short for “weblog”, a blog is a post that you can, and should update regularly, filled with your opinions, your voice, your daily journal or diary, things you have learned, things you want to share, breaking news, or a place for links to your favourite sites. A blog is a place also where others can post comments, and their links, and you can visit other blogs to post your comments and links.

This is a new trend you don’t want to miss out on. It’s an easy, free, and ideal way to add value to your website, and great content, which is what the search engines are after these days.

First you want to set up a free blogger account with a site like Blogger, or WordPress – a place where you can create your blog, add to it, update, or edit it. Once it’s finished the site allows your blog to be published instantly, with your signature attached linking back to your site. When you publish your blog, your information will be indexed by the search engines right away, and your blog will show up in some of the free search engine listings when people search for the keywords in your posts. This will generate amazing traffic from people already looking for what you have written about!

After you have published your blog, you want to “ping” it. This means that you go to a ping site like Ping-o-Matic, and are sending information with the click of your mouse to notify blog listing services that your blog has been updated. Do this after each time you change or add to your blog. Your blog content will be indexed and linked to their networks.

To market your blog, you can send a broadcast to your newsletter subscribers letting them know about your new blog and ask them for feedback! You can also transfer your Blogger blog to your own website home page and make it available to everyone who visits your site. You must be sure to update your blog regularly or it will not drive traffic to your site, or keep people coming back for more!

Also be sure to visit other people’s blogs, post a comment about their blog, and leave your signature with a link back to your site at the end. This will give you important and valuable links pointing back to your own site.

Get in on the latest free marketing trend by creating your blog today! You won’t regret it!

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