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Box Out For The Win

There’s nothing more fun than being with your friends on hot afternoon. You can chill out, hang loose, and just relax. And if the odds are good, all of you should have enough cash to go on a quick ride down to town and have yourselves a ball at the box office.

Today’s youngsters find the movie theater or the box office as a dating mecca for their generation. They found the seats and the theater a sacred ground for winning over the love of their loves.

The box office theaters have played countless times the role of cupid in the lives of numerous couples. But long before the movie theater turned into the house of hearts, the box office served as one of the most popular pastimes. T

his was way before the invention of the television when the motion picture that was dubbed as “the silent movies” started it all for the box office industry and the moving picture business.

The introduction of the motion picture to the public sky rocketed the growth of the box office industry.

Movie theater after movie theater was built at the time of the motion picture revolution because of the countless masses that wanted to have the chance to see the incredible moving pictures, the need for more movie theaters grew steadily over this period.

During this time, the box office has made for itself a niche in the society. As the time passed the motion picture industry decided to take a bold leap forward and looked for ways on how to develop and integrate sound into the moving picture.

Countless hours were spent on integrating the sound into the silent movies and the end result made the box office industry raked in more green backs from countless movie aficionados.

And the movie industry continuously creates more and more ideas to improve the people’s movie experience and make falling in line in the box office worth it.

Among the many innovations and the revolutionary developments in the box office and motion picture industry is the introduction and assimilation of special effects into the movie production process.

The first manifestation of the integration of special effects in the movies was the creation of fake blood and claymation. This was the height of special effects at that period.

Countless movies have deployed claymation effects and a lot of movie animation to let the story come alive and let the people that they have to be thankful to the highest power and the Gods of movies because of the box office event.

A box office hit during those days would consist of the most potent formula of love story/love triangle, special effects and a grand battle between the forces of the good and the evil.

Of course, the special effects departments owe it to themselves to further develop their craft for the moviegoers and the box office itself.

Over the years, they have thought of making more elements of the special effects business and the special effects side of the motion picture as real as it seems.

In the 80s, the “in” thing became the animatronics or the art of making electronic skeletoids move and act like real life animals. Countless movies have deployed the use of animatronics.

And when people thought everything about special effects for the “would-be” box office hits in the movie industry seemed to have been thought of, the special effects proved people wrong.

Like the wizards, more and more creative people have come up with innovative ideas and creations using the advent of technology with computers as a medium. The use of computers or digital animation became an effective tool to further enhance special effects.

Computer generated images, also known as CGI were infused to the box office. These innovations were melded with the light and magic created by moviemakers, thus, continued to weave more breakthrough and commendable box office hit.

These box office hits made people believe that the box office world is the real world and they are really a part of that world.

So, if there’s nothing you and your friends can do on a hot afternoon, go down town, visit the little box office with the lady inside. Buy popcorn, relax, and jut plain cold chill while you watch the movie. Enjoy.

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