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Buy Insurance That Fits Just Like Your Bike Does

There are a variety of different types of motorbikes that you can choose from that include sports models to super bikes to classic vintage models. There are just as many varieties of insurance available to protect you and your motorbike. Just as it is important to find the best fit in order to ride a bike enjoyably, as well as safely, it is equally important to find the right protection cover.

It doesn’t it make a difference how much money you have invested in your bike, you will still want to get the best deal spending as little as you can in order to get the appropriate cover. Obtaining cheap bike insurance may be a motivating factor when you start your search.

However, the key word that should motivate your search is not ‘cheap’, but should be ‘appropriate.’ There are some tips you can follow that will help to keep the cost of your insurance affordable as possible.

Owners of modified bikes need to make sure that they keep their insurance company informed of changes that are being made to the vehicle. The custom changes applied to a bike can have a different impact upon the insurance policy than it would have on a car.

Typically, minor custom alterations to a bike will have little, or no, impact upon any premium change. However any customisation that adds increased value to the vehicle would have an effect upon the bike insurance premium.

Inform your insurance company about your annual mileage. This can work to your benefit if you keep the mileage underneath your contract amount. The insurance company will believe that low mileage is an indication that you will have a low occurrence of claims and therefore will grant you lower premiums. Basically, the less time you spend on your bike, the cheaper it is to insure it.

Believe it or not, the choice for parking plays an important part determining policy premiums. Owners that have the opportunity to store bikes in the locked garage can help keep the cost of their insurance policy at a minimum. A bike that is locked up safely and securely has less chance of being stolen.

Furthermore owners should use common sense when out-and-about not parking in any place that is unsafe. Through implementation of safe driving and storage practices, when your policy comes up for its annual review you should be rewarded by your insurance company with a lower premium. If not, always ask for a lower premium, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Most bike insurance companies believe that since you’ve been doing business with them, you will more than likely not object to the renewal quote they send. In fact, these insurance companies believe that you will pay whatever premium they now charge you regardless the amount. There just may be a better deal out there for you. Therefore take the time to do a little comparison shopping when your renewal quote comes through. If your premium has risen over last year’s amount, even though you had no claims and still possess the same driving record you previously had, check for an alternative insurance source.

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