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Call Capture System Basics

A call capture system is a technology used in the real estate and mortgage industries (mortgage call capture), and is an excellent way to generate leads, get more listings and streamline the selling process. Unfortunately, many of those in the real estate industry are not fully versed in the way the technology works.

Essential to a call capture system is a toll free number. The toll free number will be specific to the agent – no one will share the same exact number – and it will have multiple extensions that will be used for audio listings and free reports. This toll free number allows potential clients to call free of charge no matter where they are, or what time of day it is, and get information about homes the agent is listing, more general information about real estate, or the services the agent provides.

A call capture system is different than a standard toll free number with a recording due to the other features it includes. As mentioned above, the system will come with multiple extensions, each of which can be placed in a different marketing piece or advertisement with information about an available property. For example, extension 100 could be placed on a sign rider outside the home for sale, extension 200 could be listed in the local paper, extension 300 on a billboard, etc. All these extensions will be connected to one property but the system allows agents to track which of their extensions is getting the most calls. This allows an agent to track their advertising and see which is most effective.

The tracking and reporting is one of the most important aspects of a call capture system. By using Automatic Number Identification (ANI) the capture system is able to grab the phone number of the caller. Once the information has been captured by the system, it can be sent to a number of different places. A phone call, text message or email can be made to the agent telling them who called, what extension they entered and when.

This is just the basics of a call capture system. There is much more to them and other features that can be used to enhance the system. Before deciding whether or not to integrate a call capture system in to your real estate business, learn all that you can. Armed with this knowledge, implementing the technology will be seamless and you will be able to see results quickly.

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