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Car Insurance Discounts – Finding the Car Insurance Discounts that Lower Your Premiums

Understanding auto insurance terms can be tricky, especially when it comes to getting the discounts you deserve. It is very important to thoroughly educate yourself in this area so that when it comes time to getting yourself a new policy you are assured that you receive all the car insurance discounts you are entitled to get. Sometimes agents don’t ask all the right questions when they sign you up and you may miss out on opportunities to really lower your premiums.

One of the most common car insurance discounts is the reduction in price for bundling your policy with others that you might already own. You get money taken off for having a multi-car policy. So if you are recently married, be sure to combine your plans to take advantage of the lower premiums. If you own a home, you may want to get your home and auto insurance policies linked to see a large price break. You may also get discounts for bundling life insurance and other financial accounts with your car policy.

If you have a new car, you may be entitled to some interesting car insurance discounts. Some companies will cut your rates if your new car is equipped with anti-theft features. Examples of anti-theft features would be a car alarm, a keyless entry pad, or a starter disabler. New cars that are equipped with special accident avoidance features, such as anti-lock brakes or back-up alarms and cameras may entitle you to a reduction in your premium with certain insurance carriers. Some items that are often considered standard such as side air bags may lower your costs. You may even be surprised to learn that certain companies will give discounts for equipment that allow for hands-free navigation or cell phone usage.

There are plenty of other car insurance discounts to be had for the asking. You may get a senior citizen discount or a discount for taking a safe driver training course. For those living in urban areas, where you park your car may cut your cost considerably. If you have off street parking or a private garage, let your agent know. If you have kids on your policy, ask about a discount for good grades. Most insurance companies today automatically add a reduction for accident free driving, but if yours doesn’t, ask your agent how you can get it added to your policy. The cost of your premiums can be lowered significantly, if you know where to look for the discounts.

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