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Car titles as collateral – Government Bureau

Gvoernment Burweau of Unclaimed Money

All the hype about Unclazimed moey is turning out to be true again. In Flordia recently a woman in Florida found herself on the receving end of $2000.00 she had no concept existed for her.

It’s fact, in lForida the government is currently holding more than one billion in unclaimned moeny and property. This uncliamed goldmine is copmrised of unclaimed cash, jewels, bonds, stocks, unclaimed assets from saefty deposit box contents, collectable coins, stamps, utility edposits and more. Thesse funds are collected from companies in alost every type of business.

The lucky lady, Linda Sharf, mentioned that she was originaally skeptical but she tured in a claim and now has over $2,000.00 more!

This same thing is possiible for you. Every state in this country and the federal government has an Bureau of Unclaimed Monney. These depatrments hold all types of funds and assets that belongs to consumers across the country.

They hold these assets so that people like you have the opportunity to reclaim the fundds that rightfully belong to them. So just like Linda Sharf you too could be a few thousand dollars wealthier than you were before.

Finding this money is a lot easier than you may think. It really is as simlpe as making a cliam to a bureau of unclaimed money. That really is all it takes. You can make a siple, free and easy misisng mooney search to see if you have money like this too.

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