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Cheap International Calling Cards to the Philippines

Gone are the days that you must spend exorbitant amounts of money just to speak to your loved ones internationally. Modern technology has grown by leaps and bounds to accommodate the communication needs of people around the world so that everyone can stay in touch with those they care about: friends, family, and even business contacts. If you have friends and family in the Philippines with whom you would like to keep in touch more often, a new, innovative way to do so has arrived. With PINless dialing provided by CallDirek, you can make international phone calls without the hassle of traditional calling cards or PINs.

CallDirek provides virtual calling cards, which feature many advantages over traditional calling cards. Because your account information can be accessed straight from the Internet, you can enjoy the advantages without leaving your home. You also don’t have to worry about losing an actual card, or someone stealing the card and the minutes on it. Best of all, you will also never need to worry about hidden fees—when you sign up for a CallDirek account, you can see both your phone charges as well as the savings you are making in comparison to using a traditional calling card. The rates are advertised clearly on the CallDirek website, and no additional charges apply; for calls to the Philippines, the rates do not exceed $0.25 per minute.

Although some competitors advertise lower rates, they also tend to leave out the hidden charges, which include connection fees, day and time restrictions, and deactivation fees. Over time the competitors’ charges can add up before you know it. With an account that you can access anywhere that you have an Internet connection, you always know what you’re spending.

As an additional bonus, as well as a testament to CallDirek’s superior customer service, you can recover your fees if you are cut off in the middle of a conversation. With traditional calling cards, it seems like you need to time yourself when you hold a conversation so you don’t get disconnected once your minutes run out.

Another CallDirek service is a worldwide number. In this case, you would have a phone number that starts with the Philippines country code (63). This number will work from your own phone, and anyone who calls you from the Philippines or vice-versa will simply pay the charges for a local call rather than an international call. For example, if you live in Orlando, you can receive a phone number with the country code 63, but that call will be routed to the local number of your choice with the local area code 407.

This service is also helpful for those who conduct business internationally. If you have clients or offices in the Philippines, for example, you will have an easy point of contact so that no one has to pay the expenses of calling internationally. In the long run this can help you gain clientele overseas; this affordable form of communication will make you more accessible to your business contacts across the world.

CallDirek provides groundbreaking innovations and excellent customer service to bring you an unparalleled telecom service. With rates that rival the biggest names in the telecom industry, you will soon find why so many people trust CallDirek to help them keep in touch with people across the globe.

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