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China’s Coal Appears Net Import

China’s GDP in the second quarter, first time exceed Japan, ranked second in the world, but the energy consumption is also ranked first in the world, steel, iron ore import volume reach history record, the world commodity prices are pushed up. China’s coal consumption per unit of GDP is Japan’s 15 times, is America’s 8.7 times, and China’s coal usage volume accounted for 70 percent of total energy consumption.

China’s GDP this year overtake Japan while the trouble is also coming, China’s energy urgent increase.

In the first half of this year, China coal import and export lasted the last year net imports trend, in the first half monthly import volume has remained at above100 million tons, the first half of the net imports year-on-year almost doubled. Analysts believe that international prices rebounded may make the second half of China imports slightly lower than the first half of the year, but the net imports has settled, and the future two or three years will keep large import volume.

The reporter understands that in recent years, every winter and summer with coal into peak season, China has more than 30% coal supply gap. Last year, December and November, national thermal power demand year-on-year increased about 40 percent. Supply and demand gap caused China 30 million tons of coal is not enough to use.

Coal, water and electricity and so on renewable energy cheap is Chinese enterprises and individuals largely consume energy an important reasons.

A reporter analyzes that China coal online average price is 0.3 RMB/degree, wind is 0.6 RMB/degree. Solar energy is 4 RMB/ degree. Cheap coal and electricity make China’s reliance on coal degree increase.

In addition, the reality has proved that although renewable energy absolute scale increasing, but its proportion in the total energy consumption is decreasing. Chinese coal accounted for energy consumption 70 percent or so, which is far higher than the world average level of 29.2%. And the oil and clean energy products as the proportion of the lower energy consumption, especially the natural gas in total energy consumption proportion is only 3.8%, which is far below the world average level of 24%.

Production level and mode lag behind are also important reasons caused the China’s energy alarm. It is reported that the coal consumption per unit of GDP, China is Japan 15 times, is America’s 8.7 times.

China’s GDP composition, investment is always the main method. At present, the main agency generally predict 2010, China’s economic growth will be higher than 2009, among them, the fixed asset investment will remain about 25% growth or so. This means that China’s GDP has quite a lot of ingredients on energy consumption. Because the power plant, steel, cement, and chemical industry, this four industries consume coal volume accounted for 90%, and power plant, steel, cement, chemical industries increase are mainly from the investment growth of demand. China has entered the stage of rapid development of vehicle, which will drive the fast growth of petrol consumption.

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