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Choosing the Best Online Printing Service: Frugal Business Solution

It is pretty hard to cut down on expenses when most of your office needs rely on basic stationary like business cards. The cost of having these stationary printed out can be hefty, especially when you are relying on printing companies who keep brick-and-mortar stores. Simply because they need to pay rent for these stores and pay people to man the shops, they also cannot afford to offer more competitive prices. It is a good thing there are Online Printing services now which suits frugal-minded business owners. However, just because a company is offering Online Printing service does not mean it is the right fit for the needs of your company.

Consider the rates

Most Printing Services online have competitive rates, but some of these websites are owned by companies who still do keep brick-and-mortar stores. That means they have maintained their rates, and maybe even raised them because aside from their present overhead, they are also paying for website maintenance now. You need to do your homework and compare the rates of all Printing Services you see online. Also factor in the shipping costs, because the printing rates of a company farther from your office may be lower, but if you need to pay more for shipping, this solution will not help you save money.

Reviews online

Thankfully, with the growth of online print services are active feedbacks from clients as well. If the company you are looking at is not very new to the industry, and other business owners have worked with them in the past, you can get a glimpse of their overall performance based on online consumer reviews. This lessens the risk of dealing with companies who may run away with your money, or those who may delay the delivery of your job orders. Be careful about trusting forum posts, though, as not all of them are from real clients. Others may have been written by affiliate marketers and you can spot these posts because they are too hyped up. Consider only reviews which weight the weaknesses as well as the strengths of a particular company.


Finally, identify what type of format your job order falls under. Are you having a tarpaulin printed out or a set of business cards? Companies who excel at small format printing do not necessarily impress clients with their large format jobs. When you read reviews, consider what office stationary or marketing material the reviewer ordered. If it is a good review for a business card order and you are looking for a company who can print out your billboard, the review might not be that valuable to you.

Faith Felicita, who has a passion for writing, wants to share her ideas about online marketing and stuffs like fashion, cars and designs. She writes for F.A. Daniels, an online printing company that specializes in creating business cards, brochures and other printed materials.