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Cleaning Professional Chain Saws

Professional chain saws are being used each and everyday, and thus, it would not be surprising to see that because of extensive use, they will accumulate dust, dirt and other substances. These simple steps will help you ensure that your expert band cutters are kept clean.

* Before anything else, refer to the operator’s manual on how to clean your skilled band cutter.

* Make sure to observe how your mechanical feller looks. If the bar arm is hanging too low, then tighten it. Always make sure to keep it tightened before, during and after using your mechanical cutter.

* Get a stiff bristled brush and remove the links in your expert tool, and start cleaning the blades. Sometimes, the blades will become dull and get worn out due to extensive use. If it becomes too dull, use a blade grinder or a saw tooth file to sharpen it.

* If the sprocket areas are dirty, dip and clean it using a solution of degreaser and water. Make sure to dry it thoroughly first before using it. If it becomes to worn out, replace it. Never use a worn out sprocket. This may lead to severe accidents.

* Also, while you do the cleaning, make sure to clean the cylinder fins. Since they are the ones responsible for keeping your motor cool and clean, they surely will collect any dust and debris over the course of time. Clean it as you would clean the blades of your quality instrument.

* If you have a disposable air filter, then buy a new one. If you do not have one, clean it by using a grease-dissolving cleaner.

* Get a soft-bristled brush and start cleaning the carburetor areas, as well as the starter housing.

* Your spark plugs should always be kept clean. Clean it as you would clean your blades and cylinder fins.

* After all the steps, make sure to lubricate it properly. Refer to the manufacturer’s or operator’s manual for instructions.

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