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Coming Up With Something To Say On Your Blog

A big part of maintaining a good blog or website is having regular content. Quantity can even be more important than quality in some cases (although all of your content should be able to stand up to any reasonable quality check). But even consistently coming up with the quantity can be difficult, so here are some options:

* Create A Poll. Ask your viewers to vote on a topic of choice, being sure to include an “other” option. Why the “other” option? Hopefully those “other” choices will spark new ideas for future posts.

* Have Guest Bloggers. This could be anyone: previous customers, friends, coworkers, industry experts, etc. If you find a few people who are able and willing, having each of them contribute a few hundred words once a month isn’t too much of a burden on them and can be a huge relief to you.

* Start With a Link Pick your social network of choice – Twitter, Flickr, Digg, Reddit, Facebook – and start your post with whatever is popular that day. It could be a video, article, or something else and while it doesn’t have to relate directly to what your blog is about, try to make a connection.

* Meet New People. Whether online or offline, expand your circle of friends and, when appropriate, bring up your blog or website. They may be able to give you ideas.

* Break The Fourth Wall. The “fourth wall” is a theater term referring to when the actors interact or acknowledge the audience – temporarily breaking the illusion. If your blog focuses strictly on business, take some time to talk about you. If it talks about you, write a few posts about your readers. It’s okay to occasionally change the tone of a blog.

* Write A Series, Not Individual Posts. Two ways to go about this: 1) Have a post that follows a beginning-middle-end approach (or have several “middle” sections if you want more than three total posts). This will keep readers in a bit of suspense and have them waiting for more. 2) If you do a “Top 10” list or a “Five reasons why” list, do a more in-depth approach for each point and only post one point per day.

* Random Prompt Generator. There are plenty of websites that will randomly generate a word or phrase for you to start writing about. This is a great exercise to cure writer’s block and can help you come up with blogging ideas.

* Use Google Trends/Keywords. Google Trends shows what the most popular phrases being searched are for a given time. Google Keywords provides hundreds of keywords associated with whatever phrase you put in. Both can be great resources for ideas.

* Talk to Clients, Customers – Anyone! Get feedback from those who are already familiar with your site, product, or service. Ask them what they would want you to write about.

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