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Complete Guide for the Job Description of a Cosmetologist

The word cosmetologist is a general term used to refer to a person who participates in an occupation which enhances the personal appearance of others. A cosmetologist is an individual who provides personal-care services in a variety of fields such as hair makeovers, makeup application, manicuring and other related profiles. A cosmetologist does not necessarily work within just one area as they are usually versed in several applications.

Responsibilities of a Cosmetologist
The job description of a cosmetologist varies depending on their specialization, education, job title and place of employment. Noted below are general duties of cosmetologists based on their area of specialization.

– The typical responsibilities of a hairdresser usually comprises of hair coloring, cutting, styling and shampooing; as well as the creation of various hair designs as per client requests.

– The duties of a skin care specialist, on the other hand, would be focused mainly on improving the skin quality of customers by using techniques such as facials and massages. Special procedures such as exfoliation and hair waxing are also provided by skin care specialists. They would also be able to give practical advice to customers regarding effective skin care and would normally recommend products for specific skin types.

– A makeup expert’s job description may include permanent or temporary tattooing in addition to general application of cosmetic products.

– A manicurist would be expected to carry out duties such as coloring, cleaning and treating the nails of clients as well as providing general health care tips for nails. In addition to manicures and pedicures, nail technicians may apply nail enhancements, create nail art or perform paraffin wax treatments to soften hands.

Simply put, the job description of cosmetologist involves performing specific tasks which are required for enhancing of the appearance of clients. Naturally, cosmetologists who are self-employed and operate their own beauty care business will have to perform additional tasks such as – business administration, staff supervision and purchasing as well as marketing and regular promotion of their business.

Pros and Cons
There are many benefits available to cosmetologists regardless of the area of expertise. One such benefit is the favorable work environment within which they operate. Salons and spas are typically well lit and well ventilated; the atmosphere is normally quite soothing and pleasant. Additionally, most clients arrange to see an established cosmetologist based on an appointment, so the cosmetologist can enjoy some degree of flexibility within the work schedule.

However, one of the disadvantages associated with this industry is the fact that most cosmetologists often work more than forty hours a week, as a typical day can be quite long depending on the demand. Other drawbacks include having to work on weekends and infrequent opportunities for job advancement, with the exception of operating your own salon.

Regardless of the nature of services rendered, it is of paramount importance for a cosmetologist to be able to communicate effectively and appropriately with clientele. They are expected to be able to convey advice and make appropriate suggestions regarding many beauty related issues. Providing services designed to make clients look and feel good is the primary responsibility of a cosmetologist.

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