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Criminal Background Search

The current world we live in, especially the United States, suffers from an overwhelming number of criminal offenders. As time moves on, crime only seems to increase. Unfortunately now days, criminals have more ways of getting at the ones we love. Although this is the case, we can prepare ourselves in new ways. Our computers do allow us into their personal worlds.

With such methods as criminal background searches, we are able to view who did what and where. This way we can be further prepared for potential crime. A variety of search engines such as Abica allow us to research individual backgrounds. For example, if a man moves next door to you and you know his name, you can do a search on him to see if he has prior convictions.

In reality, most of us cringe at the thought of rapists and pedophiles, but we should be wary of them living close by, especially if we have children of our own to protect. We must ensure that the ones we love are kept clear from harm.

By using databases we can obtain that vital information before making the mistake of moving next door to a sexual predator. Sites such as these do often charge a fee depending on what you’re searching. For example, a state search may cost you around 15 dollars, while a nationwide search will typically run you more.

When I moved to Ohio about a year ago, my wife and I wanted any information concerning sex offenders in potential neighborhoods we were considering. As it turned out, we found an ideal house to our liking. However, we were informed by our real-estate agent, who had done a criminal background search, that a registered sex offender lived right down the street, in the same neighborhood. Although the house was ideal in size and price, we had to pass, knowing this. Since we can’t watch our kids every single second of the day, we must at least keep them safe from what we do know is out there.

I realize that not everyone has children, and not everyone is concerned with the whereabouts of convicted criminals. These kinds of things don’t seem to take much precedence in our everyday busy lives. On the other hand, a simple criminal background search via your home computer doesn’t take much of an effort. When we truly compare the value of our safety and the safety of our families, that little online search may be well worth the minor trouble.

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