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Cubby Lockers can Be Used by any Organization to Store Practically Anything

Cubby lockers are storage lockers that are made from solid plastic. The basic design features a grid configuration that creates smaller storage spaces, or “cubbies”, in which different items can be stored. A vast number of grid combinations can be created that makes it easy to customize storage space to any type of product or material requiring storage.

This makes cubbies ideal for a wide range of applications.

* Museums will use the for open display storage.
* YMCA’s will often use them for supply storage.
* Elementary schools have used them in the past for student supply storage.
* Food processing plants prefer them because they are moisture and bacteria resistant.
* Wineries have even purchased them for wine storage.

Cubby lockers can be built in a variety of styles. The most common you will see is the free standing style. It sits vertically against the wall. To comply with ADA application rules, these units must be raised off the floor.

Companies can either purchase an optional 4 inch base, or they can pour a concrete base to hold the unit up. Finishing panels are available as well to make the sides and the tops of cubbies appear more like contiguous units than segmented assemblies.

There are also corner assembly models that require only one side panel, and a recessed application model that installs directly into a wall niche. It is framed with fillers made from 70 percent new and 30 percent recycled materials.

Cubby lockers have a number of features that make them ideal for almost any vertical market.

They are made from tough, attractive solid plastic that never needs painting, resists dents and scratches.

They are impervious to moisture – lockers will not rust or delaminate.

They are made from 30% pre-consumer recycled HDPE plastic.

Lockers are durable, vandal resistant all-welded construction.

A wide range of sizes, tiers, colors and options are available.

A 20-year warranty protects against rust, delamination or breakage under normal use.

Lockers ship fully assembled.

Lockers are now available in 100% Post Consumer Recycled HDPE in Moss, Toffee, Beige and Charcoal Gray.

Cubbies are also available in 100 per cent recycled material. Both the 30 percent recycled models and the 100 percent recycled models can qualify a business for points in the LEEDS Green Building Program.

This program gives points and tax benefits for conservation at different levels, depending on different areas of participation. Tax Benefits for Conservation at different levels depending on the different areas of participation.

The Factory Engineer CAD draws every customer cubby locker configuration to customer spec for customer edit and final approval before production. Every cubby is made to spec in this manner and takes 4 weeks to make.

Cubby lockers can be sanitized with routine cleaning methods. A soft, wet cloth is recommended for basic daily cleaning. Noticeable grease, dirt, and grime that periodically stain the surface can be removed with a Simple Green or DoAll cleaning solution, a cloth, and a soft-bristle brush.

If the locker is vandalized with graffiti, this can be removed with any industrial Graffiti Remover that has been tested to work on the unit without damaging its plastic surface or creating a haze.

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