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Diamond Ring Grading -How It Is Done

Diamond is a dream to almost every women. They always wanted to have a guy of their dreams and offer them a diamond ring. It is the most valuable stones among other precious jewelries.

Aside from being the hardest form of element, it is also the most expensive treasure. Having a diamond ring is just like having a new car of your own. Because it is very valuable, diamond ring grading is very important especially for natural colored diamonds.

Diamonds with natural color varies in the saturation or strength of its color. It can be faint or it can be in vivid color. The color of a diamond is very important factor to determine its value. A price varies depending in the increase of the intensity in its color. A slight change or a shift in color strength will make a difference.

There are companies that provide services in order to classify values of diamonds. They have gem laboratories that are equipped with tools that can identify the stone’s characteristic such as its color hue, saturation and its tone. Through these laboratories, classifying or grading of these precious stones is precise and accurate.

Color hue in a diamond is the dominant color of the stone. You can find diamonds that are pink, blue or yellow. Color hue also includes tints that are part of classifying color hue of the diamonds. Tints are common to some diamonds that have more than one color in it.

Color tone in a diamond is referring to the lightness or darkness of the stone. Its tone can be observed even when it is illuminated. This is considered since natural color diamond ranges from very light, light, dark up to very dark.

Color saturation in a diamond refers to the strength of its main color. The intensity of the color of any diamonds varies. Most diamond that is light in tones can be in pastel vivid up to an intense color. However there are diamonds that are dark in color that ranges from dark to a deep description.

There are gemological laboratories that conducts test for diamonds for grading. They are equipped with the most advance technologies in classifying these precious stones. They provide rooms that have an environment that lighting can be controlled.

Diamonds will pass through different testing stages. Every diamonds is subjected for treatment to ensure the authenticity of the stone. The stones are scanned with spectroscope to gather data about its quality.

It will pass through High-Pressure-High-Temperature process to enhance the color of the diamonds. Gemologist will compare the stone using software that can identify and compare both stones. Through these test, diamonds will be classified according to its characteristic and ready four diamond grading.

In grading diamonds, it must be done with the supervisions of the experts to ensure its authenticity. Every diamonds varies in it characteristics and must undergo some process to be classified. Diamond ring grading depends on the quality of the stone in it. Having the best quality diamond ring is truly a great experience for any woman.

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