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Different Kinds Of Omega Juicers- Several Options

Omega juicers are one of the strong, high quality and long lasting juicers available in the market. They last long and keep offering healthy juice for many years. You may gain many health benefits if you have an Omega juicer in your home. There are a number of varieties available for these juicers and you may choose the one according to your needs. Given below are some of the different types of Omega juicers available.

If you want to go for the best and cheap juicer, then go for Omega 02 vegetable and fruit juicer, which has come in the market recently. You will get pure juice because it removes all the pulp. Other benefits are that it is compact, can be cleaned easily, makes low noise and thus provides tasty juice.

Another very famous juicer, which you can buy from Omega juicers website is Omega 1000 juicer. With surgical steel blade and vertical basket, this juicer may cut even hardest materials.
It is most definitely a long lasting model that will provide you juice for a long period of time.

Omega 4000 is an elegantly engineered juicer that is meant for the contemporary kitchen with all the latest kitchen gadgets. The main features of this juicer are its unique design and a rubber base, that helps to hold the juicer in its place and hence kitchen shelf does not get messy.

One of the professional juicers is Omega 5000, that may help you get the juice of a large quantity of citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. It is a long lasting model as compared to home based Omega juicers and thus it is made for industry purposes.

Omega 8003 juicers ensure that there will be no metal in your juice because they are prepared with melamine. It has a special speed motor that makes sure you get the maximum nutrients in your juice. If you will use motor at the slow speed, you will get the maximum retention and minimum oxidation of nutrients.

Omega 8005 juicers are artistically eye catching with black color and chrome finish, and are extremely easy to clean. You may stay healthy by taking the juice prepared from these juicers.

If you are thinking about Omega juicer price, then you need not to be worried, as it is simply affordable, and with the durability it offers, you do not have to change your juicer every few months.

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