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Discover the Common Coffee Brands

Have you ever wondered if the coffee brands that you are using are also a household name in other places? Every year Millward Brown a known research company gathers compilation of brands of coffee that reports on most recognizable names of brands all over the world.

As they gather information for what kind of brands that are most popularly known in the world, starbucks ranks 35th among various kind of brands known worldwide.

There are different kinds of brands known all around the world. These kinds of brands are common to us locally and internationally. We always pick the kind of brand that most likely suits our taste. Here are some common coffee brands that are famous worldwide.

Nescafe – this brand of coffee is made by Nestle. It was first introduced in 1938 and become famously sold worldwide until now. In the Second World War the production of this kind of brand was exclusively reserved for military use only. This is the most popular instant coffee that is being sold internationally.

Folgers – made by Proctor and Gamble. This brand of coffee is secondly known after Nescafe instant coffee worldwide.

Maxwell House – this brand is manufactured by Kraft Foods.

Jacobs – this brand is popularly known in Europe. This kind of brand is now being sold by Kraft Foods and originated in the late 1800’s in Germany. This is commonly sold all over Europe.

Douwe Egberts – it is pronounced as Dewey Egberts. It started from The Netherlands as a small coffee being imported and now the largest brand of coffee being sold in Europe.

In the United States, Starbucks Coffee is the most popularly sold all throughout the Country. There are so many techniques or mixes that you can do with your coffee beans. You can make iced coffees, lattes, espresso, cappuccinos, mocha’s and many more.

Coffee is useful in many ways like cleaning our colons and intestines. Coffee could also affect certain diseases like on asthma, antioxidants, Alzheimer’s, depression, gallstones, heartburns, diabetes, hepatitis C and Parkinson’s disease.

You will actually find in the internet the different kinds of coffee and coffee beans that are actually sold in the market. The best qualities of coffee are made in various countries. The first coffee was originally made in Ethiopia.

Nowadays there are different kinds of coffee beans that are being planted and produced in countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Cameron, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Guatemala, Hawaii, Jamaica, India, Mexico, Kenya, Peru, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Venezuela and Tanzania.

The quality of the coffee bean depends on the location in where it is grown and produced. Different factors such as altitudes, climate and soil condition are being considered during the sewing of the coffee bean seeds so that the best quality of coffee beans can be produced.

Coffee Brands that are famous today makes a big impact in our daily living. The kind of brand that we always use is always the first thing in our mind when we want to have coffee in the morning as we start our days work.

We usually use the same brand of coffee because we got use to its taste and its distinct smell or aroma. These brands are common to us and become a common household name that always helps us during our tiring and stressful moments.

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