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Do Courier Companies have Higher Security for Shipping Legal Documents?

Most courier service who make a business out of transporting legal documents recognize just how important this type of paperwork can be to their clients. As such, they do have measures in place to offer higher levels of security to their clients that are shipping legal paperwork with them. This isn’t necessarily security in the form of an armed guard like might travel with a pharmaceutical shipment, but instead measures to help make sure that the documents never get lost, and that the information contained within them remains confidential.

One of the things that courier companies do to help ensure the security of all legal documents that they are shipping is to scan them all into a centralized shipping system identified by bar code. This way, before a package is delivered or handed off it is scanned into the system. That way the courier knows exactly where the package is at all times, and which driver is handling it. This helps ensure the package doesn’t become lost, and helps to reinforce accountability.

There is one service which courier companies offer that is specifically designed to offer the highest possible level of security to those who are shipping legal documents. There are many different names for this exact service, but more often than not you will see it referred to as “in hand” courier service. This means that only one courier is going to touch that particular set of documents the entire time they are in transit. This is an effective security measure for several reasons.

The first reason this is such a good security measure is because it creates accountability. When only one courier ever touches the documents, it means that if anything goes wrong, the courier company knows exactly where the problem was. In Hand couriers are almost always made to sign confidentiality agreements as well. It also helps to reduce errors. Most of the time when a document, or a package for that matter, is lost by a courier, it is when it is being transferred between vehicles or couriers for different legs of its journey. By removing that element, it becomes much less likely for these types of problems to arise. In Hand couriers can even make sure that the documents are never out of their sight for global document shipping, as the courier company will have them fly commercial and they will check the documents with their carryon luggage, ensuring that they are never unattended.

Chris Ellis is a consultant for courier services and Delivery Minnesota companies.