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Do it Yourself Wind Turbines: A Weekend Project

Many people have multiple questions about the effectiveness and cost of wind turbines. Do it yourself wind turbines are more than just an idea; they’re a reality. You really can save thousands of dollars per year on your energy bill and build your own wind generator.

Save Money on Green Energy

Monetary savings are an obvious advantage to going green. Far too many people focus on the obvious advantages like saving money on your energy bill. Any time you take measures to decrease the amount of money you spend each month, you’re saving money.

Save even more money by filing an IRS tax rebate document. You may be eligible for tax cuts and even rebates, just for going green.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are there any required permits? Many cities require building permits for certain types of projects. Gather information about permits before you begin construction.

Determine your energy needs. Will a small scale wind turbine help reduce your energy bill? The decision to use alternative power requires a thorough understanding of what’s required to meet your expectations.

Does your current site have enough space to install it? Your area should have enough space and no obstacles or other buildings in the way. Rooftop installations may require additional support beams.

Does your current site have enough air flow? Measure the amount of air flow in the area you plan to build a wind turbine. A special map that shows air flow may come in handy.

What return on investment should you expect? You will begin to see decreases in your energy bill in the first month. Reductions of your bill will continue as long as you continue creating clean energy.

Can I build a wind turbine myself? Yes. You can build a generator in just a couple of days. Start to lower your energy bills with as little as a $200 investment. All you need to complete the project will be found easily at your local hardware store. You probably even have a few items in your garage or workshop.

Build a Wind Turbine in a Weekend

Two forms of energy can honestly be considered fully renewable; solar and wind. Wind turbines are already being used to power a few areas of the United States. Homeowners who like DIY projects are sure to love a project that allows them to lower their energy bill, help the environment, and give them a weekend project to keep busy.

So how would you build a generator in a weekend? Buy a guide, buy the materials, and spend a relaxing weekend in the garage or workshop. Enjoy knowing you played a major part in creating a piece of equipment that helps your budget as much as it helps the environment.

Effective, Quiet, Environmentally Friendly

Three terms are often used to describe wind turbines; effective, quiet and environmentally friendly. One happy homeowner reported that her wind turbine created less noise than her washing machine. Others say it is no louder than a home personal computer.

Timothy Blake is an enthusiast of all forms of free energy. As the former owner of a solar company, Timothy finds wind energy is the perfect compliment to solar and even has benefits that may be more impressive. Learn how a DIY wind turbinecan give you pleasure for years to come.